(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Stash Storage, the Before Pics

I’ve outgrown my current storage system

If everything was clean, I’d be in trouble
Baskets stuffed beyond their limits 

No room for extra inserts and wet bags
I have to roll covers up to fit them in the basket
Like this
Wipes, fleece liners, and hip snap covers
So today I’m off to IKEA to find a bigger, better storage system that will still fit in our office. 
How do you store your stash?

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2 Responses to (Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Stash Storage, the Before Pics

  1. Katie says:

    >We have a Baby Diego Bathinette. We use the storage space underneath and plastic caddies for our stash. But because we're just now expecting our first, our stash isn't very big, so we don't need a whole lot of space…

  2. Shaky Mommy says:

    >I have two shelves underneath the changing table. Two bins hold prefolds, flats & extra inserts. The rest are just stacked on the shelves. I blogged about it here.


    I love Ikea and cannot wait to see what you get. We don't have an Ikea near us so I don't get to shop there as much as I'd like.

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