How to Make a Blog Header in 9 Easy Steps {Tutorial}

How to make a blog header in 9 stepsSometimes you don’t want to have to pay a professional blog designer to make a simple blog header or Facebook cover. Now you can make a simple, attractive blog header for free and you don’t have to be a designer to do so. I’m sure not! I just needed something simple and this is how I did it.

To make a blog header all I used were some free graphics that I found online, Microsoft Paint and a free photo editing software called PhotoScape. When finding images online make sure you aren’t infringing on someone else’s copyright. Find graphics that are free for personal use or you can use your own photos.

I also made a Facebook cover for my Page that I will add to the bottom of this post. The method is the same, just the sizing is a little different.

1. You will need to find out the size of your header. For WordPress go to your dashboard → Appearance → Header. Mine was 940 x 198 pixels. The dimensions may be a little different if you are using Blogger.

2. Open Paint, choose Image → Attributes → then enter your height and width in pixels

Blog Header Tutorial 1

3. Add the background color you would like it to be and then save it to your computer

Blog Header Tutorial 3

4. Open PhotoScape and then open your blank header

Blog Header Tutorial 4

5. Choose Object then the picture icon to add clip art or images

If the images you’re using aren’t transparent you can add a transparent background yourself. 

Blog Header Tutorial 6

Blog Header Tutorial 8

6. You can resize the image by putting your cursor over the corner of the square around your image and moving your mouse or by manually entering the number of pixels

Blog Header Tutorial 7

7. You can add a frame around your header if you would like, just note that some frames add extra pixels and may be cut off when you install it to your page. Account for the extra size or choose a very small frame.

Blog Header Tutorial 9 Blog Header Tutorial 10

8. To add text, go to Object and then click on the T icon

Blog Header Tutorial 11

9. Save it and voila! You have a new blog header

Blog Header Tutorial 13

Making a Facebook cover for your Timeline or Page is much the same but the dimensions are a little different. For a Facebook cover your dimensions should be 851 x 315 pixels, then follow the steps above.

Facebook cover tutorial


laptop image credit: TrueMitra via

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    • Regan says

      Nice work! And thanks for the idea. I have a site that I use for making transparent backgrounds so I will add that to this post since not all of the images people find will be transparent like the ones I found were :)

    • Regan says

      Hi Vicki, I don’t use Apple products so I’m not sure what programs are equivalent on a Mac. Do you have a program that functions similar to MS paint where you can make a blank image in the dimensions of your header? That’s the most important step in my opinion. I recommend Photoscape because it’s easy to change the size of an image or text but maybe you could use an online program sunch as PicMonkey or Fotor for adding text and images.

  1. says

    Do you have any recommendations on where to find free clip art type images that aren’t copyright protected? I’d love to redo my header, but I’m so afraid that I’ll unintentionally be using someone elses work! Can I use Microsoft ClipArt? Thanks for sharing this!
    Krissy A recently posted..Best Books for Kids- Preschool EditionMy Profile

    • Regan says

      There isn’t a ton of good ones available for free without a link back (which is kind of hard to do if you’re using it for a blog design) but they can be found with some looking. I usually just google free clip art and make sure I look at the license agreements. The one I used for this example isn’t something that I would normally choose but it was free and worked for this example :) I have used Microsoft clip art for blog post images.

  2. says

    I read the comments – I too am on a MAC – but – unable to get photos cape to work on MAC
    Are these instructions on for Non Mac users?
    Also – what theme is your blog – Love the theme!!
    keep up the Great work online!!

    • Regan says

      I don’t have a Mac but this is what I could find for Photoscape on a Mac. I’m not sure if there are any differences in functionality but I would assume that they would at least be similar

      My theme is a Vintage Child theme and thank you for your compliments :)


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