Packing a Diaper Bag with Cloth Diapers

While cloth diapers are naturally thicker than disposables, packing a diaper bag doesn’t mean that you need a bag the same size as a piece of carry on luggage. In fact, you don’t even need a big diaper bag.

My first diaper bag was an average sized one, but for me it felt like I was carrying around a suitcase. I am not one for big bags or purses in general so I decided to get a Boba Pack to use instead. I’m not sure if you’ve seen one in person but it’s about the size and shape of a messenger bag. There are a lot of side pockets and places to hold things and it was perfect for me.

A typical day away from home consists of:

  • 3-4 diapers
  • extra inserts (if applicable)
  • a large handful of wipes
  • a small spray bottle of wipes solution
  • a small wet bag tucked into a side pocket
  • a jar of diaper cream
  • a sippy cup in the side pocket (not shown)
  • a change of pants, sometimes a whole outfit

Diaper bag with cloth diapers

It all fits wonderfully in this small bag. Using cloth while away from home doesn’t have to be bulky and complicated!

Regan is a New England native now living in Colorado with her husband and two sons. She is committed to living greener and is an advocate of cloth diapers, babywearing, breastfeeding, and intuitive parenting. She loves to read, cook, bake, write, and explore her new mountain home.

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  1. says

    Is that really all you carry in your bag? I have all of that – and the hand sanitizer, scissors, small umbrella, all of MY stuff (wallet, planner, lip balm, etc.), small hairbrush and hairclips (for when my older children inevitably lose theirs)…

    The stuff you mentioned takes up about the same amount of space, but then I use that much space AGAIN for everything else I have to carry. I am under 100 lbs., and my diaper bag is HUGE compared to me!
    Rachel R. recently posted..Gluten-Free Whole Grain Yeast RollsMy Profile

    • Regan says

      I also throw my cell phone in the front pocket, a pack of gum, lip balm, and my wallet. Those things don’t take up any space though. The brown spray bottle (CJ’s BUTTer spray) is now replaced with a spray bottle of Thinc Skin hand sanitizer spray. But yes, that’s all I carry for a typical day. I found that I was carrying so much stuff that I didn’t need and trimmed it down to essentials. I’ve also been known to throw a diaper or two, some wipes and a spray bottle in my purse and leave the diaper bag at home.

      Oh, and a few books and small toys will fit if we’re going somewhere that we”ll need entertainment but that’s not an every time thing.

  2. Laura says

    What do you store your reuseable wipes in? I have Thristies wipes, but all the portable wipe containers I’ve seen would only fit two or three of theses wipes. Thanks!

    • Regan says

      I actually don’t store mine in anything. I keep mine dry and spray them when necessary. If you keep your wipes pre-moistened there are wipes bags like a small wet bag that would probably work well.

  3. Brittany says

    I have to ask what brand of bag this is and where you got it if you remember :) It looks perfect for what I’m looking for!

    • Regan says

      This is a Boba bag from the same company that makes the baby carriers. Unfortunately they don’t make them anymore but you may still be able to find one somewhere or used.

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