Top Ten Posts of 2012

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I have compiled the top ten posts of 2012 according to traffic. These do not include giveaways and reviews. There were two review only posts that made the top ten by the numbers but since most reviews are associated with a giveaway, I didn’t include any.

So here they are. My top ten!

10. Fajita casserole recipe

9. Cloth diaper retailers with free shipping 

8. Wordless Wednesday: repurposed ball pit

7. Christmas cookie roundup

6. My breastfeeding hero is you

5. Building a cloth diaper stash on the cheap

4. Are you using your car seat correctly?

3. Pre-teen book selections 

2. Gift ideas for pre-teen and teenage boys

And the number one post of 2012…

1. DIY DSLR camera bag tutorial

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