Which Diapers Survived a Huge Destash?

In July I posted a picture of my stash on my Facebook page before I sold a lot of my diapers. We were moving across the country and I had to get my stash down to a reasonable amount. Plus there were a lot that I didn’t use as much or grumbled when it was their turn in the rotation. It was time for them to go. So which diapers survived?

My Stash - Then and Now


This was my stash in July 2012. It was a bit unmanageable and I was forced to store them on a utility shelf. Not a very attractive storage solution

My Stash - July 2012

There were 50 pockets & AIOs, 9 fitteds, and 8 covers.


As of today my stash is more about quality than quantity. I really like all of the diapers that I have now and they work very well for us. I did a large destash before we moved in late July and I have done some smaller ones since then and bought a few more.

My Cloth Diaper Stash - Feb. 2013


Which diapers survived?

Pockets, AIOs, AI2s

Covers & Fitteds

Now I can finally use the dresser that we bought for K for its intended purpose! I specifically chose this dresser for the small drawers on top. I thought they would be perfect for his cloth diapers.

Cloth Diaper Storage

And I was right. As long as my stash is a reasonable size!

Cloth Diaper Storage Cloth Diaper Storage

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  1. Gina Hodges says:

    What is the best way to destash diapers? I am impressed with your before and after! That was a lot of diapers!!

    • I sold a lot on Facebook buy/sell/trade boards or sites like Diaper Swappers and Cloth Diaper Trader. I also donated some to Giving Diapers, Giving Hope. I sold a few on Craigslist as well but that was mostly more trouble than it’s worth.

  2. I’m thinking about starting with the Sunbaby diapers. How are they in your opinion? I noticed one survived your culling lol.

    • They are my favorite of the “cheap” diapers. The Sunbaby was my husband’s favorite diaper in our stash and still might be. I did a review of them if you want to read it. http://theantijunecleaver.com/2012/03/ohh-baby-baby-sponsor-spotlight-sunbaby-diapers/ We no longer have the diaper in this review because a snap broke. This can happen on more expensive diapers too and it would have been more expensive to send it to be repaired than it would to buy a new diaper. With a $5 diaper you’re not going to get the same quality as you will with a $20-$25 diaper, but for the price, I really like them. They fit well and the inside is very soft. I would definitely recommend them as a starter stash for someone who doesn’t have $300 to spend at one time or for someone on a budget.

    • Our sunbaby dipes are still in ok condition after a year, but they do run kind of small. They are great for a cheap newborn stash though.
      Rowan recently posted..Moments in January {2013}My Profile

      • Mine fits the same as most of my other OS diapers. Maybe I got a size 2? K is 27 months, 30ish pounds and about 34″ and he wears it with the rise all the way out and on the 2nd set of waist snaps.

  3. Is that an IKEA dresser? I think it’s the one I have been eyeballing for a long time! :)
    LOVE your stash! I need to destash as well! SUCH a hard time letting go! LOL
    JulieK recently posted..Cloth Diaper Friday :: Five Reasons I Love Moraki Cloth Diapers + GiveawayMy Profile

    • Yes it is. My older son has the smaller one of the same dresser in red. I love them.

      It was very hard to let go but once you rip the bandaid off it gets a little easier to start to let them go. Especially when you replace them with ones you like better.

  4. Wowzers! Gorgeous stash! Mine is much more hodge podge and not stored nearly as beautifully.
    Mindy recently posted..Madilyn Rose Designs Giveaway – Part of the 1000 FB Fans CelebrationMy Profile

    • haha. They’re not always put away but this morning I realized that I actually had them all clean except for his overnight dipe and the one he was currently wearing so I took advantage of the opportunity :)

  5. what is that one pocket that looks like a sunburst?

    I love how organized your diapers are. Mine are always in a big pile on my bedroom floor next to the crib!
    Rowan recently posted..Moments in January {2013}My Profile

    • I assume you mean the one under the orange diaper? That’s a Fireworks RagaBabe 2-Step.

      Trust me, most of the time 2 loads worth are in a laundry basket, sometimes even stuffed and folded ;)

  6. It seems like cloth is becoming the way to go. When my kids were babies, we’d use disposable.
    Joyce recently posted..Silly Sunday: Dog Does Float TripMy Profile

  7. I destashed last fall. I kept a few pockets but got rid of most. Now I pretty much exclusively use Best Bottoms as well as Flip covers overnight.
    Heather Johnson recently posted..Bed-sharing, “Crying It Out,” and My Toddler Daughter: Sometimes Babies Just Get AngryMy Profile

  8. I love your setup! I need to find a way to store my diapers like that! So cute!
    Michelle Ferguson recently posted..Fourteen Beautiful Months!My Profile


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