Addicted to IKEA Hacks

IKEA hacks

Since we are closing on our new house at the end of the month I have been looking at decorating ideas. Paint colors, how to restain cabinets, and furniture since this house has a finished basement and a front room that we don’t have furniture for! In my furniture hunt I have come across IKEA hacks! Have you seen these? It is IKEA furniture, which I am not ashamed to admit that we have quite a bit of, turned into something more fabulous!

I am definitely going to try some of these! Maybe all if I’m successful the first time or two

Mid-century style nightstand

Rustic coffee table

Source: via Regan on Pinterest                                                                               Kitchen Center Island


Mid-Century style couch

Standing desk

Have you ever turned a piece of IKEA furniture into something else? How did it come out?

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    • Ours is 40 minutes away so I don’t go as often as I did when we were in CT. I had one 10 minutes away and I was there all the time.

    • I am so excited about this. My brain is in overdrive and I can’t wait to get into the new house to take measurements and mental notes and take a trip to IKEA.

      I was spoiled with having an IKEA 10 minutes away and now it’s 40 minutes away so it takes more planning

  1. That standing desk is awesome! I coated the top of my desk with drawItpaint whiteboard paint and it’s surprisingly very useful. You don’t think of how practical it is until it’s done. (The food at Ikea is definitely a great bonus)