Garage Storage and Organization

The process of homeownership is coming along nicely. We are moving right along for a projected closing date of March 30th.

Of course the closer we get, the more daydreaming we do. The house has a three car garage so my husband is looking forward to being able to have some real garage storage and maybe even a work area. Now we have a two car garage and it’s pretty tight so we can really only fit the snowblower, K’s wagon, The Husband’s golf clubs, and not much else when both cars are in there.

I would love something like these Gladiator Garageworks set ups for staying organized. They’re not bad to look at either! This set up is probably more than we would need, at least for now, but something like this would be amazing down the road.

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There are plenty of smaller items that can make a huge difference until we find ourselves with a need for something as elaborate the above photo. For instance, I love these little baskets for holding miscellaneous items. I plan on attempting to start a garden and think they would be perfect for garden tools, seeds, etc.

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I also love this for storing ladders, tools, hoses, etc.  Again, perfect for my gardening aspirations and other household items.

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So many possibilities; I can’t wait to get started!



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