Keep Cool in the Sun with a Reusable Swim Diaper & Rash Guard from iPlay!


Summer is HERE!  I’m partnering with the Blogging Mamas Network on their latest Event to help you Keep Cool in the Sun!

We’ve come together with a great group of bloggers who have a ton of prizes to help celebrate the Summer season and give you the chance to win!

For my giveaway one person will win a reusable swim diaper and rash guard from iPlay. 


This is a self sponsored giveaway and the winner’s prize is subject to size and style availability.

I have used a few brands of swim diaper but the iPlay is one of my favorites. A reusable swim diaper is meant to hold in solid waste only and are not absorbent though the iPlay does have a small amount of absorbency in case there’s an accident on the way into or out of the water.

Aside from saving you money and not adding more trash to the landfill, 27 states are now requiring or encouraging the use of reusable swim diapers in public swimming areas.  A disposable swim diaper is also only designed to contain solid waste just like a reusable swim diaper is so why continue to throw your money away?

One or two reusable swim diapers can last you at least one full summer. Our swim diapers from last year still fit so we’re getting two years of use out of our swim diapers! There’s also no denying that reusable swim diapers are far cuter than their disposable counterparts!

iplay boy bottom iplay girl bottom

While you’re protecting the water from messes, also protect your baby’s skin with 50+ UV protection with the iPlay rash guard. With these two items your little one is ready to splash away and keep cool in the sun!

After you’ve entered my giveaway, don’t forget to hop around to all the others in the linky below.  Be sure to enter to win the GRAND PRIZES for this Event too!  You have a chance to win…


In the KIDS package you could win:  a pair of Julbo USA looping sunglasses for baby, a trio of TruKids products including Sunny Days sunscreen and Hero Stick, a Hearthsong Camping Tent {chair not included}, a Swim Diaper from Red Barn Cloth Diapers, and a reusable snack tube SqueeZurts Starter Kit!


A second prize package including a $100 Gift Certificate to Claudia Alan Eyewear and Winner’s Choice of any item from UV Skinz – makers of protective sunwear!


After you enter my giveaway don’t forget to visit the Linky below for your chance to win some more great prizes that can help you keep cool in the sun this summer!

Open to residents of the US

This is a self sponsored giveaway. I wasn’t compensated in any way and prizes will be fulfilled by me from

According to Jenny, So Easy Being Green, the Blogging Mamas Network, and the Keeping Cool in the Sun participating bloggers are not responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill prize obligations.

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61 Responses to Keep Cool in the Sun with a Reusable Swim Diaper & Rash Guard from iPlay!

  1. Danielle says:

    Yes, we use reusable swim diapers with my nephew. Well need some cute girly ones once my niece is born.

  2. beth c says:

    we do have a swim diaper inside of trunks, and that and a too-big reusable swim diaper are what we use when swimming at the pool & hot springs.. it would be nice to have an option that fits my son & we can use in the yard (sprinklers & hose play, & a little sand turtle/pool) & for pools & hot springs, & hopefully for rivers while camping!! :) thanks for the great giveaway!

  3. Sarah Hayes says:

    i have two right now but have never used them. I will be using mine at the beach

  4. Danielle T says:

    My youngest is 7 months and we plan on spending a lot of time in the pool this summer, so we need something to cover his bum!

  5. Lynn B says:

    We just use a pocket dipe with non insert. If I won we’d use the swim diaper at grandma’s!

  6. i use reusable diapers always ;) but the swim diapers are used at the beach, the lask, and in our kiddy pool!
    miranda leigh recently posted..beach rays swimwear review&giveaway (keeping cool in the sun blog hop)My Profile

  7. kelly jones says:

    Yes we use cloths diapers ! And we will use this all summer at the lake and our pool thanks fir the give away

  8. I don’t use them as of now, DD is out of diapers, but I would love to use them with baby-to-be! I hated disposable swim diapers with my previous two.
    Stephanie L. recently posted..Woolzies Dryer Balls Review (Giveaway soon)My Profile

  9. Ashley C says:

    This is the first summer we are going to try reusable swim diapers!


  10. I have one, but have not been able to use it yet. Will use it at the pool.
    Ashley Suzanne recently posted..Watermelon Kiwi Candle from Jewelry Candles {Giveaway}My Profile

  11. Christy Cummins says:

    I do not have children, this will be a gift for my cousin’s new baby.

  12. Liana W. says:

    I have one swim diaper (which is just a regular cloth diaper without the insert), but we could definitely use another since we plan on doing a lot of swimming this summer!

  13. KaraP says:

    I have never used a cloth swim diaper before..but I want to try this year since I’ve begun cloth diapering!

  14. Ashley F says:

    We have used reusable swim diapers (and we always use cloth diapers, anyway). We do need a new swim diaper though since my daughter has grown so fast! We would use the swim diaper when we visit grandma and grandpa who have an indoor pool in their house!

  15. Julie Ghrist says:

    I do use them. I would use it at the pool and in our backyard in our baby pool.

  16. Nicole Bear says:

    I have been using reusable swim diapers from the first time my daughter went in the water at 3 months. I have never used the disposable ones, and probably never will. We use them at the beach and in the pool.

  17. Jessica Snow says:

    I’ve never tried resuable diapers, this would be the first time.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  18. Hailie J says:

    I haven’t used reusable yet. We would use them at Bunnie’s Pool and Jacuzzi!

  19. Jessie says:

    Yes my son uses a Charlie Banana reusable swim diaper. We would use it at the beach!

  20. Claire Rheinheimer says:

    I don’t have a swim diaper but we have a pool so I would love to have one for my son!

  21. polly says:

    my daughter in law used them with our grandson…i’m sure she will with baby #2 due in a few weeks

  22. Georgia Beckman says:

    I am entering for my grandson, Rylon, 1 year old. I don’t know if he has a swim diaper yet but he needs one! This weekend they are at Indiana Beach. I know they have a trip planned to an indoor waterpark this summer as well & Santa Claus Land’s water park. Plus, the camp at least twice during the summer. He would get a lot of use out of this.

  23. Sarah Jane says:

    I already use the Bummis swim diaper for my daughter. If I won this, dd would use it at the pool.
    Sarah Jane recently posted..American Flag Shorties {Yarn Along}My Profile

  24. Lynda Thomas says:

    I haven’t used them before, and would be very excited to try them! :) I would use them everywhere, at the pool, and the lake! :)

  25. lauren g says:

    My sister just got pregnant, so I will give them to her!

  26. Kylie C says:

    I don’t have little ones but my sister’s kids are at the right age to use these and she’d love them!

  27. natalie nichols says:

    No we don’t but I would really like to try them at our local pool!

  28. Jen H says:

    we just use the shell of our bumgenius 4.0’s… it works ok

  29. carissa joslyn says:

    Nope, I have never tried one! I’d love to have one for when we go swimming either at our poo, friends pool, lake, etc!

  30. Laura P says:

    Little one is on her way, but I can’t wait to use these for our beach vacations!

  31. My little one is only three months, but we have already used swim diapers on many many occasions as we are at the beach and the pool several times a week.

  32. Rachel says:

    Have not used reusable swim diapers yet. Would wear to swim class.

  33. Denise Taylor says:

    We use our reusable swim diapers at the pool and in backyard water play :)

  34. nannypanpan says:

    have never used them but would try them at the beach

  35. Linda R says:

    I have one swim diaper and could definitely use another. We use ours at the beach and in our kiddie pool.

  36. Peppin says:

    Yes, we use reusable swim diapers. We use them at swimming lessons.

  37. Melissa Arndt says:

    I use an old pocket diaper, but would prefer to have a swim diaper.

  38. Ashley H says:

    We have not tried them, but would really like to. Would be using them to play outside in the pool, sprinkler, etc :]

  39. KayLynn says:

    Would love these for my daughter to use in the backyard pool!!

  40. Sarah says:

    Would love to use them at the pool! My little girl hasn’t been in a pool yet.

  41. Claiborne says:

    I did last summer, but she outgrew it

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  43. We’ll use it at the Beach, but also, my daughter has water days twice a week at Pre-School, so she would SO wear it there!
    Michelle Bowman recently posted..Fresh Baby My Plate: Part 3 Awesome Giveaway!My Profile

  44. tina reynolds says:

    I use them and use them at the lake

  45. nici r says:

    I haven’t used them, but would love to. We go swimming a lot and go to splash pads.

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  47. Laura Miller says:

    I have been wanting to buy a reusable! I would use it in our backyard pool.

  48. Jutta Pearce says:

    I do use reuseable swim diapers. We go to the River, lakes and pools

  49. katie ab says:

    We currently don’t but we plan to for the summer in a kiddie pool in our backyard.

  50. Pingback: iPlay Swim Diaper & Rash Guard - Greenmommy

  51. kelly says:

    I plan to when baby gets here.
    kelly recently posted..Happy Father’s DayMy Profile

  52. Wendy Mastin says:

    my daughter does on my grandson. They would use at the recreational park that they go to.

  53. Dawn Monroe says:

    Ive never used them but my daughter is wanting to try them for my granddaughter.

  54. golden storm says:

    I have never used them before but would like to win for my grandchild

  55. desiree says:

    the pool mostly but the lake two

  56. Holly says:

    I have been wanting one. We would use it at the pool and lake.

  57. krysta says:

    Ive never tried them but would love too since the disposable ones are just as expensive as diapers, if not more

  58. Vicki Hall says:

    I would use it at the pool and at the beach.

  59. Michelle Knopp says:

    I’ve never tried reusable swim diapers but would love to try this one. It would save a lot of money on swim diapers and cut down on garbage.

  60. marya mann says:

    Absolutely! Our pool, beach, neighbors pool :-)

  61. Vanessa says:

    I do use reuseable swim diapers. I love them!

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