Cloth Diapers for Older Kids, Teens, and Adults

Every so often I check the search terms that bring people to my site and several times I have had people land here looking for cloth diapers for older kids and teenagers. I have to guess that my site comes up since I have a teenage son and a cloth diapered toddler so the two terms together bring you here. I have had this search come up often enough that I decided to put together a list for those of you who are in need of diapers for an older child or teenager.

Cloth diapers for older kids, special needs, teens, & adults. This is a large hole in the cloth diaper market that I hope gets filled soon. In the meantime, here are some resources if you are in need of cloth diapers in larger sizes.

Please note that I don’t have personal experience with any of these but have compiled a list of some that I’ve found. It would be great to one day see the market open up a bit to cater to those with special needs children, school aged bedwetters and incontinent adults. It’s definitely a hole in the industry but there are some resources available.

This post contains one or more affiliate links. 

Hiney Lineys Big Kid

Hiney Lineys offers the Experience kit and their Versa cover for older children. They fit kids from about 30 – 60 pounds.

Antsy Pants 

For kids over 45 pounds.


Mother-ease makes diapers specifically for bedwetters (though an older child could certainly wear it for daytime) in three sizes. XS (30 – 40 lbs), S (40 – 55 lbs), and M (55 – 65 lbs).


Products in children, youth, and adult sizes.


RagaBabe has recently come out with a Size 3 diaper that fits up to 50 pounds. These diapers are amazing and are my favorite but they are hard to get. If you enjoy the thrill of the chase then I would give them a try. Check out this post for tips on scoring a RagaBabe


Fuzzibunz has an XL (40-55 lbs) and an XXL (55+ lbs) in their Perfect Size diapers. They are only available on the Fuzzibunz website that I can find. If you are in between sizes be aware that Fuzzibunz Perfect Size diapers tend to run on the larger side. 


AppleCheeks has recently released a Size 3 diaper to select retailers. The size 3 is said to fit kids from 30-65+ pounds. Nicki’s Diapers is carrying them (with free shipping) and I will update as I find out other retailers that have decided to carry this size. 


Disana makes an XL wool cover for kids 37-48 pounds. Wool covers are great for bedwetters but do require an absorbent layer underneath like a fitted cloth diaper. While Disana covers are available at many stores, not all of them carry the XL size. 


The Whisper Wrap and Super Snap covers come in an XL for kids over 40 pounds. Available in white only. 

Super Undies

Super Undies offers bedwetting underwear that go up to size 4 or 9-10 years old. They also have adult cloth diapers and special needs diapers.  

Happy Heiny

Happy Heiny has some larger sized pull on training pants and diapers. They will also do custom orders if you need a size larger than what they have in stock. 

Bugga Bugga Boutique

XL fitted that fits from 40-55 lbs. 


Baby diapers in small/medium and large/extra large sizes as well as adult sizes for 28″ to 52″ waists. 

Lynne Sellers

Etsy shop – adult sized cloth diaper that is made to your specifications. 


Etsy shop – adult sizes made to order. There is special prices for diapers made smaller than 28 inches and larger than 38 inches.

Happy Little Llama 

Etsy shop – hybrid fitted diapers for kids 20 – 50 pounds.

Mumtaz Soakers

Etsy shop with youth incontinence underwear and adult-sized fitteds 

I will add more to this list as I find them but hopefully this will give you a place to start on your search.


Regan is a New England native now living in Colorado with her husband and two sons. She is committed to living greener and is an advocate of cloth diapers, babywearing, breastfeeding, and intuitive parenting. She loves to read, cook, bake, write, and explore her new mountain home.

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  1. Annette Kyle says

    Thank you so much! I am a mom of 4. 2 are in diapers and one of them is 11. Most of my kids have Down syndrome and have had a much longer challenge in potty training. I am a fan of cloth, am using them for our youngest. My older son also has other disabilities and will continue to be in diapers, so I have been looking for bigger brands. (11 years has added up$$) thanks again!

  2. Carol says

    You are providing a great service here. keep it up. Have a 7 year old nightly bedwetter in Hineys Liney’s Big Kid Versa Cover. Works just fine, been using 3 of them for over a year.

  3. Sandy Cain says

    Thank you so much for this! It is getting to the point where some of my old relatives are having continence problems, and I didn’t think there were any cloth products for adults! (((HUGS)))

  4. Kadie says

    Thank you for putting this together. We often forget that every child, every individual has different needs and being able to meet them is so important for parents and caregivers!

  5. Kadie says

    Thank you for putting this together. We often forget that every child, every individual has different needs and being able to meet them is so important for parents and caregivers! Many of the young children I’ve worked with that have developmental challenges would LOVE to be able to pick out a cool pattern/style as opposed to having to wear a generic disposable!

  6. Summer O says

    ahh wish I knew these resources sooner. I stopped cloth diapering my daughter when she got to 2 becuz it got to hard with sizes and all that but I wanted to continue since it was very helpful with her learning to use the potty. she regressed a bit with pull ups bcuz they absorb so well and it doesn’t bother her to be wet. with cloth she didn’t like the way it felt when wet so she was more diligent on using the potty. Other plusses being they are so cute fashion wise and perfect for hot days, and better for the environment . o well, if I ever have another kid at least now I have the resources. and when im old and back in diapers ima make sure my daughter uses cloth ;-p
    thank u for this post :)

  7. says

    GREAT post! My son is 3.5 and wears a diaper at night, but he’s tall with a high rise, and finding something super absorbent AND big was a NIGHTMARE! We ended up going with the Mother-ease Bedwetter Pants and have been SO pleased with them! I will say that they are super bulky and poofy looking, so they wouldn’t be a great option for daytime as it’d be hard to fit clothing over them without looking ridiculous (though I suppose in a pinch it would be POSSIBLE, just not something to do on a regular basis!) 😉
    Carolyn recently posted..Kawaii Pure and Natural (PN2) Pocket Diaper Giveaway – Ends 8/22/14My Profile

    • Regan says

      I am so glad that you weighed in as someone who has tried them. The only diapers on this list that I have any personal experience with is Ragababe and Fuzzibunz

  8. says

    You mentioned adult incontinence…for women who experience mild incontinence (like after childbirth, anyone?), Dear Kates are pretty wonderful.

    Has anyone tried Huggies TruFit? I’m thinking of getting those when DS outgrows his trainers.
    KimBEARly recently posted..Family Command CenterMy Profile

    • Regan says

      I have recently heard of the Tru Fit underwear but haven’t heard of anyone’s experience. I hope someone weighs in because I would be curious to see how well they work.

  9. Cheryl Levin says

    This list is awesome–thank you so much! My son has multiple disabilities and is completely incontinent, and I’ve been wishing I could use cloth diapers on him. I finally got around to searching and here I am. I’m definitely going to try some of these. I would be awesome if I could find something like an wrap.

    • Judith Martinez says

      Although I’ve only used their smaller sizes Snap EZ is a great company. They have disabled children themselves (Down syndrome) and so they understand the needs of families with special needs. Their pocket diapers are well made and fit nice and trim.

  10. says

    thank you so much for putting this together, a great resource for anyone who is on a mission to reduce environmental waste and to be gentle on my son’s skin. He has special needs and will be in diapers his life. The thought of covering him in plastic does not appeal to me. Thanks again.

  11. says

    hi there, amazing post I will go and try one of the suppliers. I am on a mission to find the right diapers for my son with CP. It is such a jungle. The concept of wrapping him in big plastic diapers all his life does not appeal to me. Thank you so much for all your work!

  12. says

    hi there, amazing post I will go and try one of the suppliers. I am on a mission to find the right diapers for my son with CP. It is such a jungle. The concept of wrapping him in big plastic diapers all his life does not appeal to me. Thank you so much for all your work!

    • Cheryl says

      Kathrin, I so agree with you. My son has CP with the same lifelong prognosis as your son and I’m on the same mission. I shudder when I hear that plastic crinkling. Let me know if you have any luck with any of these, or just to compare notes, if you’d like.

  13. Robb Williams says

    Super Undies makes bed wetter pants in sizes up to 44 inches. I’m older and I started wetting the bed again ( I wet at night until I was 16). The super undies pants are a little pricey ($50) but they work well. Given good adult disposable diapers are over $ 1.00 each the super undies are cheaper. Also my trash can smells a lot better! I found that plastic pants are a good idea since I had them anyway. I wash the super undies and I’m good to go.

  14. says

    Happy Heiny has some large sized diapers but they also will do custom orders (I’ve spoken with them in person and through Facebook and they take great pride in having the resources available to do special orders on either end of the size spectrum).

    Super Undies also has products for older children, particularly for nighttime use, as well as for adults (those are under the “special needs” heading at the top of the page).
    Carolyn Allen Russell recently posted..The Swim Diaper Statistics Have Been Updated (But They’re Lonely!)My Profile

  15. Hank says

    My boys 11 and 13 year olds both wet. One uses a disposable diaper over night because he wets a lot but the 13 year old uses a Star Training Pants. They were just recently introduced. They are 8 layers thick cotton styled like the Gerber Training Pants for toddlers but designed for older boys and teens and even come in adult sizes. They do require a plastic pull-up over them because they are not waterproof but they are super comfortable compared to other cloth overnight trainers we have tried.

  16. Amy Brandon says

    Thank you! Your page was the first to pop up in my search for “cloth diapers for older children” and this is MIGHTY helpful! My son is 11 years old and around 75 lbs. He has Special Needs, and just recently started having accidents again.
    In the past, when he was 6 years old, I had a difficult time finding someone to make cloth diapers for him. I did eventually find someone. But I don’t know if it was a mistake on my part (measurements) or their part reading the measurements and making the diapers. But I ended up with diapers that would fit me(!) an 180 lb adult, instead of a mid-size 6 year old.

    This list will give me many, many more options in finding what I need!

    • Regan says

      That’s kind of exciting for me that this post comes up first :) I wish there were more cloth products available in these sizes but I hope you are able to find what you’re looking for.

  17. Lori says

    We have a newly adopted 13 year old daughter we have had now just over a month and we have her in cloth diapers and plastic pants[rubberpants] 24/7.So far they have been working for her accidents and bedwetting.We got the rubberpants in pastel colors as well as babyprints so she would at least have girly rubberpants over her diapers.

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