Diaper Rite AIO Cloth Diaper Review

I was given a Diaper Rite AIO at no cost in order to facilitate this review. This post also contains affiliate links.  

Diaper Junction’s Diaper Rite brand of diapers is an affordable cloth diapering option. I have never tried a Diaper Rite diaper and was happy to be given the opportunity to review their new all-in-one (AIO). 

Diaper Rite AIO cloth diaper #review

About the diaper:

Before I begin this review I would like to address a question that I have seen a couple of times. Are these rebranded China diapers? The answer is NO. The overall shape may look similar but the materials are of a higher quality, the features are different, and the snap placement is different. I have also heard directly from a representative of Diaper Junction that these are not rebranded diapers. 

The Diaper Rite AIO is a one-size diaper that fits babies from approximately 8-35 pounds. There are three rise settings for small, medium, and large as well as a set of crossover snaps to fit smaller babies.

It is different from other AIOs that I have used and seen on the market. It is almost a cross between a tongue style AIO and an AI2. The insert is sewn in on the top of the diaper similarly to how an AI2 would snap in. 

Diaper Rite AIO cloth diaper #review

The great thing about this style is that you can fold the insert to whatever size you need it to be and tuck it into the flap in the front. In addition to keeping the insert in place, the front flap also helps keep moisture from wicking out of the front to keep your baby dry. This is especially helpful if your baby is a stomach sleeper.  

The insert is made of microfiber with stay dry material on top. There is also a layer of extra absorbency sewn into the liner. This allows for the absorbency you need but gives you a faster drying time.

Diaper Rite AIO cloth diaper #review

 My experience:

There is something about a black diaper that puts a smile on my face. I was very happy to get another one. 

My model is just shy of three years old and about 33 pounds. We are using this diaper on the largest setting and got a really good fit on the bum.

Diaper Rite AIO cloth diaper #review

 It is also fairly trim. The leg elastics are nice and snug without being too tight.

Diaper Rite AIO cloth diaper #review

We are able to wear this diaper on the second waist snap and it fits nicely. We did have an ever-so-slight bit of curling on the tabs. This doesn’t affect function in any way, it is purely cosmetic. 

Diaper Rite AIO cloth diaper #review

This diaper performed really well for us. We didn’t have any leaks during our review period and there were times when the diaper was quite wet. It’s nice and easy for The Husband to use, too.

I have stated several times recently that I am no longer a huge lover of pockets because after 2½ years of stuffing diapers, I’m kind of over it. In general I am mostly an AI2 lover these days and love that I get the functionality and faster drying time of an AI2 but the convenience of an AIO. I don’t have to look for the matching insert which is nice since I sometimes have a problem with getting diapers put away in a timely manner. I love being able to grab the diaper out of the basket and go.

If K-Dub was younger then I would definitely buy more of these. They come in a variety of bright, vibrant colors and with a price tag of just $11.95 you can’t go wrong!

Buy It

You can buy the Diaper Rite AIO from Diaper Junction.


Regan is a New England native now living in Colorado with her husband and two sons. She is committed to living greener and is an advocate of cloth diapers, babywearing, breastfeeding, and intuitive parenting. She loves to read, cook, bake, write, and explore her new mountain home.

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  1. Leela R. says

    I am a huge Diaper Junction fan. Their shipping is always fast and the Diaper Rite brand is very good, although I’ve never tried their AIO style. If I won I’d get the Timberwolf colored AIO.

  2. Danielle B. says

    It looks like Diaper Junction’s Diaper Rite brand has some quality options for those on a budget.

    I’d probably chose Amethyst.

  3. Beth Bartosik Beigh says

    I have mostly been acquiring pocket diapers; I am anxious to be able to try out an AIO, too, for my first baby due at the beginning of next year. Baby Bee is a girl, so amethyst and mai tai are looking cute!

  4. Sam C. says

    Love the cobalt and timberwolf colors. My chunker has huge thighs so hip snaps are a must. It’s great these have them!

  5. pauline says

    These diapers seem a lot more inexpensive than others I’ve seen.I like Timberwolf ,Turtle ,Electric Lime, Amethyst , Parrot

  6. Jeannette says

    I would choose the black! I have been wanting a black diaper but have had trouble finding one! My boys have so many shirts that would match black :) Thanks! I have been wanting to try these diapers as they are so affordable!

  7. says

    I’ve been CD’ing for 13 years (not continuously!) and have never used an AIO. I am so excited to learn about an AIO that is actually affordable for my family and can’t wait to try this one (whether I win or need to buy one). I would pick the Turtle color.
    Cindy H recently posted..Alex’s Birth StoryMy Profile

  8. Malena says

    Black makes me giggle, Such a serious color for a kid, but I love it too. Love your model, the reason I want to try this diapers is because they AIO. I love the easiness of AIO diapers and appreciate your sincere review.

  9. Bekah Kuczenski says

    I love the front flap on this diaper! My baby likes to be on his yummy a lot so I have trouble with many diapers leaking in the front, this diaper might just be the solution! I would Puck cobalt!

  10. Katie S says

    I think if I won I would choose Timberwolf because I don’t have any grey diapers in my stash. I’m loving the purple color too! But, I have a boy and I already make him wear pink and purple, so I should probably ease up on the girl colors. Haha!

    • Katie S says

      Oh! And I’m a little tired of stuffing pockets too. I love my bungenius 4.0, but I’ve found myself using my AIOS more than anything else in my stash lately!!

  11. Nettie says

    I love turtle and dandelion! Diaper Junction is a great company and I’m so excited that they came out with these. I love how big they fit because I have a huge 8 month old, and the price is awesome too!

  12. Melisa Darnieder says

    I am glad to hear that you like these. I have been looking for some more economical choices and I just might have to try some of these. Thanks!

  13. Kristen says

    I like the how it’s a cross between AIO and AI2 with the insert sewn in. Sounds convenient! I like the black diaper too, your adorable model totally sold it! :)

  14. Jessica says

    I’ve never tried this brand, but the price is so low that I’m temped to order one of each color, haha! I’d love to win the gray one!

  15. Karoline says

    I have been interested in trying an AIO diaper… all mine are pockets and I can relate with the tired of stuffing. And I love the timberwolf gray.

  16. Brittany Odonnell says

    I love the Cobalt color! I also love the fact that it has the soaker stopper! id LOVE to try a diaper like this!


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