10 Ways to Grow Your Blog

How to grow your blogI’ve always considered this blog to be a hobby. It was something that I did to keep my brain working and have a little fun with but a few months ago I decided to take it more seriously. While I am not a big blog with huge numbers I have recently managed to grow my blog in a short amount of time by making a few small changes.

I have finally met my first big blogging goal of hitting (and exceeding) a number of unique monthly visitors that not too long ago seemed so hard to obtain. This has opened up some opportunities for me that have helped me to make a little money and review some great items. This has given me even more incentive to buckle down and see where this thing will go. 

If you are looking to increase your blog stats here are some of the things that I’ve done that have increased my blog traffic significantly over the past couple of months.

Pay attention to your analytics

One of the first things you should do is install Google Analytics on your blog. Blogger and WordPress have their own analytics tools within them but the standard is Google. Other analytics tools also count bots that visit your site so a potential sponsor or blog group will want your stats from Google instead of other sources. You will be able to see how many people are visiting your site, which posts are getting the most hits and other stats.

Once you’ve installed Google Analytics on your blog, pay attention to it. Pay attention to which posts are getting hits and which aren’t. If you are looking to grow your readership post more of the posts that are bringing people to your site. I’ve noticed that a lot of tip style posts get a lot of hits because you will also bring in people outside of the niche you are writing for. 

Make your posts ‘pinnable’ and pin them

You should include a small graphic or picture in all of your posts so if someone wants to pin it to Pinterest, they can. It doesn’t have to be elaborate but people tend to like to pin attractive pictures so download some nice fonts, find some free stock photo sites, take your own pictures and make a small graphic for each post. Then when your post is published, pin your posts to your own Pinterest account. This takes a few minutes put pays off in blog traffic. 

Host some giveaways

Giveaways will attract readers to your blog and social media pages. Sure, there are a lot of people out there who will only like your blog for the giveaways but if your content is good then they may stick around to see what you’re all about. If you don’t want to be known as a giveaway blog then be sure to sprinkle other content in between the giveaways. It’s all about balance when you decide to host the occasional giveaway.

Write evergreen content

Evergreen content is content that is continually relevant. This post would be considered evergreen since people will always search for ways to increase their blog stats. See what I did there? 

This could be a tutorial, tip, DIY post, or piece of information that answers a question or fulfills a need. Of my top ten posts for this year so far, nine of them are evergreen posts.

Don’t try to fit in a box

If you have a goal of being a specific type of blogger then great, go for it. Having a specific niche is a great thing but it doesn’t work for everyone. I was trying to stay within a specific niche and found that it was too stressful for me. When I decided to start writing whatever popped into my head without throwing it out because “it didn’t fit” I found that I had a lot more to talk about. 

Join a blogging group 

Find other bloggers to network with and join blogging groups on Facebook. These groups will help you by sharing your content on their social media platforms as well as make you aware of other blogging opportunities such as giveaways and sponsored posts.

Join a blogging network

Blogging networks are websites where you can list your blog in a directory and sign up for blogging opportunities.

Of course you also want to do the following:

Have a clean, easy to read design

If a blog’s content area has loud colors and a funky font I’m less likely to stay and read what they have to say. If it hurts my eyes, I will go elsewhere. Sponsors also like to have their products showcased on clean blogs that won’t distract readers from their product.

Don’t annoy your readers

Similar to the above, don’t be aggressive with your ads. Ads are a part of blogging, most people get that, but if you have ads popping out in your readers’ faces they will get annoyed and will leave. The ads aren’t going to generate any income for you if no one is showing up or staying on your blog.

Engage your readers

Reply to their comments in a meaningful way and interact with them on social media. Remember that without them you’re just talking to yourself. Facebook’s algorithm for pages makes it a bit difficult to reach your readers but this is something that I’ve been trying to be better about.


Regan is a New England native now living in Colorado with her husband and two sons. She is committed to living greener and is an advocate of cloth diapers, babywearing, breastfeeding, and intuitive parenting. She loves to read, cook, bake, write, and explore her new mountain home.

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    Your tip about being yourself and not trying to fit into a box is encouraging. I sometimes wonder if I should narrow my range of topics, but the ability to write what you want is what makes blogging so unique.


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