The Power of an Online Birth Club and Where to Find One

Where to find an online birth clubWhen you’re pregnant, especially with your first, you often want to find out all of the information you possibly can about your developing baby. One of the ways many women do that is to join an Internet group, often called an expecting or due date club to compare their symptoms and experiences with others at or around the same stage of pregnancy.

These groups can help ease anxiety, answer questions, and more importantly you may form friendships. Oftentimes a due date club will turn into a birth club and then a mom club.

I joined such a group when I was pregnant with my first…fourteen years ago. While many members have left over the years there are still 46 of us left after over fourteen years. We have changed homes several times from one forum to another and now we are a Facebook group and still going strong. Now it is just as much about our friendships as it is about our children and these women are all still a very important part of my life and parenting. Many of us have met in person and we are in contact almost daily, even after all this time.

If you are pregnant or have just recently had a baby I highly suggest joining one of these groups. I can’t imagine my life now without many of my Birth Club/Mom Group friends. They have been worth their weight in gold. 

It has been a long time since I joined my birth club and the sites we have been on are no longer around anymore but here are some resources for finding your own to join.

You could also enter a search on Facebook for groups for your birth or due date.

Were you a part of an online birth or expecting club? Do you have another resource to add for finding one?


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3 Responses to The Power of an Online Birth Club and Where to Find One

  1. I joined one of these on Babycenter when I was pregnant with my daughter. In hindsight, I wish I would have been more active in it after I had her.
    Alicia Owen recently posted..SAHM Again, SAHM Again, Jiggity JigMy Profile

  2. Shary says: also has due date groups. I met some of my closest mom friends from my daughter’s due date group. I love how the internet can be such an awesome resource for pregnant women!
    Shary recently posted..Game Smarter, Not HarderMy Profile

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