Finding My Blogging Identity

Finding my #blogging identityAs a blogger it feels like I am supposed to find a niche or at least a category, but I have neither of those things. When I started this blog I kept reading about how I had to find a niche to be even remotely successful. Okay, I was a little green so I decided to go with that.

As time went on I realized that while I’m pretty green, I’m not green enough to be a green blogger per se. I started to struggle with writer’s block and after a little while I hardly ever wrote and what I did write felt very flat to me. Something had to change.

I decided to give up on fitting into a niche and started to write about whatever the heck I felt like writing about. That was my aha moment. Finally I had things to write about now that I freed myself and decided to be nicheless. I still slant towards being on the green side but I’m not bound by it. I also enjoy writing about blogging and recipes and whatever else strikes my fancy at the moment.

So now what?

Now that I’ve decided to be nicheless, what category do I fall under when listing my blog? I always list myself as a mom blog but you know what? I’m not really that either. I am a mom and I write about things pertaining to children but I don’t write much about my children so I don’t think that I am a mom blog.

Okay, I’m not a mom blog and I don’t have a niche so what the heck am I?! Am I just a general blog? Well that sounds dreadfully boring.

After some searching on Google, because I’m like that and need to have answers, it turns out that I am lifestyle blogger. There are two kinds of lifestyle blogs – the kind that are about life and style (expensive products, food, style, decor, and whatnot)  and then blogs like mine that are about a little of everything pertaining to his or her life. So that’s me. I like green things, food, blogging, and photography so that’s my lifestyle and this is my blog.

I finally have an identity.


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6 Responses to Finding My Blogging Identity

  1. I’ve often wondered what my ‘blogger identity’ is. I feel stuck, sometimes, as I want to write about something that does not “fit” my “identity” currently.
    christine k recently posted..It’s Easy!My Profile

    • Regan says:

      I struggled with that for over a year. I figure that my kids will grow up, my interests will change, and eventually this blog will probably be nothing at all like it was when I started out so I decided to just go for it and post what I want. Go for it ;)

  2. My original blog was about writing. Now it’s about entrepreneurship. I’m hoping I’ll stick to this niche since I find it more interesting.
    Aikoi Shelomeck recently posted..The number one thing entrepreneurs fear the mostMy Profile

  3. Jill S says:

    oooh yeah! cool. I feel weird too because i write about diapers but so many other thigns.. and i blogged WAY before I had kids!
    Jill S recently posted..Book Review: The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland In A Ship Of Her Own MakingMy Profile

  4. Ashley H says:

    Sounds good to me :]

  5. I’ll go with that one, too. Although most see me as a cloth diapering blogger, it’s probably only half of what I do, nor was it the topic I started with (hobby farming) and still continue to write about.
    Anne Sweden recently posted..7 Types of Pregnancy-Related Pain, and How to CopeMy Profile

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