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My potty training kit

A Look at My Potty Training Kit – Is Your Little One Ready?

by Regan

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This post contains affiliate links.

It was about 9 months ago that I had a little potty training event on the blog. It was right around Dub’s third birthday so I figured it was time. My oldest trained around his third birthday so I figured Dub would, too. I reviewed a potty and some training pants and it was going to be great! Except…

Dub is still not potty trained.

Yup, my stubborn son has better things to do than use the potty. He has books to read, trains to play with, cats and big brothers to harass. There is simply no time left for using the potty. I guess. So after a break I’m trying again! So far he is still using his training pants as diapers but we will get this! He won’t go off to Kindergarten in diapers. At least I hope not since he will be just a couple of months shy of six! 

So here is the potty training kit that I put together to get back on the potty training train…

My potty training kit

Find out if your little one is showing signs of potty training readiness.

Since we use cloth diapers we also use cloth training pants. They have a bit more padding than regular underwear and unlike old school Gerber training pants that I used for my first son, some cloth trainers also have a layer of PUL to keep clothes and furniture more dry. With my first son the Gerber pants to undies was fine, with this one I need the extra protection since he is far less interested in the process at this point. Plus, they’re super cute!

In addition to the training pants we also have a copy of Once Upon a Potty for boys and my bribery reward items: two Thomas & Friends trains for this train set. Some people may not approve of bribery rewards and that’s fine, feel free to not use them. I am not above a little bribery and I’m not ashamed to admit it. 

My potty training kit

I have a few pairs of pull up underwear style training pants like this pair of Blueberry trainers. These are nice because they look like big kid underwear and are easy to pull up and down. Check out my reviews for more info on the Blueberry and EcoPosh trainers. 

My potty training kit

This is another take on the pull up underwear style with a twist. I like these from Best Bottom because they’re really economical. They are a pair of pull up pants with a PUL lining and a thin snap in microfiber liner. With this system you get more than one use out of each pair of pants as long as they’re not too wet or soiled. Check out my review for more info on these trainers. 

My potty training kit

The last type of trainers I have are side snapping trainers like these from Imagine Baby. Since Dub is still using his trainers like a diaper we have #2 accidents. The underwear style of trainers are pretty difficult to pull down when there’s a poop in them. Being able to unsnap the side has made it easier. This is my only pair of side snapping trainers so I have to use them when I think he might poop. I need to get some more for when my timing is off. They also pull up like regular underwear. 

My potty training kit

Finally, the potties. A potty seat or a potty ring, which one should you choose? Honestly, I would lean more toward the potty ring only because that is what both of my kids have preferred. They each had a little potty but neither of them liked using it and preferred the ring on the toilet. Plus there is very minimal clean up with the toilet ring. But there are kids out there who like the little potty so if you can swing it, try one of each to see which one your child prefers. I really like the Baby Bjorn potty seat if you go that route. It’s comfortable and very simple to take apart and clean when needed. My son likes to sit on this potty but when it comes time to really go he just prefers to use the big toilet. My potty training kit

What are some tips and tricks that you have tried for successful potty training?

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Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? August 6, 2014 - 12:49 pm

My 2.5 year old is now aware of going to the bathroom in her diaper, but yeah, that’s about it. We have everything we need ready to go…except the willing toddler.