Holiday Gift Guide: Acel Compression Socks

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Holiday Gift Guide: Acel Compression Socks
This post contains affiliate links.

I received a complimentary pair of Acel compression socks in exchange for a feature in my gift guide and my honest review. I haven’t worn compression socks since I was pregnant with Dub when my calves and ankles swelled up to the point where I could only wear one pair of shoes. It was awful, so I went to my local medical supply store and purchased a pair. These are not the same as those supply store compression socks.

While the concept is the same, the Acel compression socks are higher quality and are considered sportswear. These are the compression socks you would wear for running, but they have other uses as well. 

Holiday Gift Guide: Acel Compression Socks

Why compression socks?

I admit, before receiving this pair of compression socks my experience was very limited. I am not a runner (though I want to be someday) so they aren’t a product that was on my radar. In reading the Acel site before deciding whether or not feature them in my gift guide, I learned that they are also used by people who work while on their feet or even while on long airplane flights. 

Compression socks move blood up your leg decreasing swelling and discomfort while increasing oxygen flow. They increase circulation while helping to reduce cramps and shin splints while leaving your legs less fatigued. In addition, they wick away moisture and the antibacterial material reduces odors, blisters, and irritation.

Holiday Gift Guide: Acel Compression Socks

I actually suffer from shin splints that have gotten gradually worse as I’ve gotten older. I have stopped hiking because the discomfort was too much. Once the weather warms up I will try hiking again while wearing the Acel compression socks to see how well they help the shin splints.

These compression socks are much higher quality than the pair I bought at the medical supply store. They’re soft and fit snug, but comfortably. I did feel like they helped a lot with improving circulation since I suffered less leg tingling while wearing them. I am impressed with how well these seem to work and I am looking forward to testing them on the hiking trails. They may even inspire me to start running after all. 

Holiday Gift Guide: Acel Compression Socks

Acel compression socks can be purchased in a variety of beautiful colors and come in either all-weather or thermal styles. You can buy directly from their website or on Amazon

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