Get Bottled Water Quality at Home with the AquaTru Water Filter

AquaTru Countertop Water Filter – Bottled Water Quality at Home

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Although we know how important drinking enough water throughout the day is for us, many of us still fall short. I am one of those people who doesn’t drink nearly as much as I should. It’s one of those things that I keep telling myself that I’m going to change. 

I have been able to increase my water intake with a new product that I was given to test and review called the AquaTru Countertop Water Filter. I am excited to tell you about it because it’s really pretty cool.

Get Bottled Water Quality at Home with the AquaTru Water Filter

About 50 billion bottles of water are bought each year and of those, up to 80% end up in a landfill. Are you surprised, even though recycling programs exist? I was a few years ago until I noticed how many water bottles I saw in garbage cans and how little my own neighbors recycle each week. Then there’s the cost. The cost of bottled water adds up quickly and it’s not cheap.

The AquaTru is a countertop water filter that filters out 128 different substances, unwanted chemicals, and other nasties from your water. More than your refrigerator filter, faucet filter, and pitchers. This leaves the water tasting just like bottled water without the aftertaste that some filtered waters can leave behind. You won’t even miss those little bottles of water and you won’t have to run to the store to restock. 

Get Bottled Water Quality at Home with the AquaTru Water Filter

While the AquaTru is a large unit, its shape allows it to fit nicely in the corner of my countertop. It remains out of the way but also easily accessible. 

Get Bottled Water Quality at Home with the AquaTru Water Filter

The AquaTru is an electric filter so you will need to find a spot on your counter that is near an outlet but that also gives you convenient access to a water source.

Get Bottled Water Quality at Home with the AquaTru Water Filter

The AquaTru Countertop Water Filter comes with three filters to remove a wide variety of contaminants like sand, silt, chlorine, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) such as pesticides and herbicides, and up to 125 more potential contaminates. It also removes about 90% of fluoride from the water if that is a water additive that concerns you.

Get Bottled Water Quality at Home with the AquaTru Water Filter

The unit is quite simple to use. The back container is for untreated water and it will filter into the front container which acts as either a spout or a pitcher. The pitcher holds about a gallon of water. 

It takes about 13-14 minutes to filter an entire gallon of water, but once the initial filtration is finished the unit will filter as it goes. When you get a glass of water, the water will immediately begin to filter again to replace that glass of water in the pitcher. Once the back pitcher is empty (it will still be about 1/4 of the way full; this is normal) the unit will blink. Empty the pitcher and refill it to start over again. 

*Note: we do sometimes have a hard time finding the sweet spot when refilling the back container so the unit doesn’t automatically reset. The instructions say to fill “just below the handle”, but there isn’t a line inside the container that shows you exactly where that is. When this happens we turn the machine off and back on again to reset it. 

Get Bottled Water Quality at Home with the AquaTru Water Filter

The spout is a great addition to the unit and I love it much more than using a pitcher. My only complaint is that the spout isn’t very high which means that only smaller glasses can be filled from the spout. In order to fill larger glasses and water bottles directly from the AquaTru, you will need to have the unit on a riser or at the edge of the counter. 

Get Bottled Water Quality at Home with the AquaTru Water Filter

One concern I had was how often the filters would need to be replaced and how much they cost. Given the size of them, I expected them to be quite expensive considering that our refrigerator filter is about $50 and we replace it twice a year or so. According to the AquaTru website, the main RO filter and the dual function pre-filter cost $20 and will last between 1 ½ and 3 years, depending on use and water quality. The final carbon VOC filter is $40 and will last about a year. Based on this, it will be no more expensive than our refrigerator filter and may even cost less. 

Overall, we are very happy with the AquaTru Water Filter. The water tastes pure without any aftertaste at all. Even our refrigerator filter, which we thought tasted fine, has a bit of an aftertaste in comparison. 

While this isn’t an inexpensive unit, it will pay for itself in no time when compared to buying bottled water. You can pre-order an AquaTru Countertop Water Filter at a discounted price directly from their website and they will be shipping by the end of July, or you can order in July for the full retail price.

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  1. Laurence Nash says:

    Hi Regan,
    It’s January 2018 and I ran into your review after purchasing it on indiegogo. Has your review changed? Are there any new updates/insights that you can share a year later?

    1. Laurence,

      My review has not changed. My only gripe is the cost of the filters.

  2. Ken Fogel says:

    Hi Regan, Thanks for your reply. The company says that that’s the way the unit is designed until they change it at some point. I use it about 2X/week, making about 3 gal at a time, so it sits for a few days in between and water from the base comes out one of the holes where the tap water canister sits. It was recommended by someone at aquatru many months ago to just turn it upside down to empty what they call the backwash.

    But as you noted, there is still some left in the base that I can hear when I turn it upside down to empty the backwash. My concern, is that it might be a breeding ground for bacteria as it’s untreated water at that point and the unit doesn’t have a UV light component.

    They forwarded my question/concern to their engineers to comment, so hoping to hear back from them.

    I think that in the future, they might re-design it, if possible, a way for that water to drain out threw the bottom or just into your sink. I think that would be a very good change.

    Mine also takes 20 min. now to produce the clean water and used to take 12 min. the first few months I used it. They’re sending me some new filters, which is very nice, so one or all of them may not have lasted as long as the specs say. My local water is supposed to be pretty good.

  3. Ken Fogel says:

    I’ve got one and it’s been pretty good for about 9 months. In the past 2 months, time to make the 3 quarts of filtered water has increased from about 12 to 19 minutes and there is residual water left in the base of the unit that never drains out even after turning it upside down as directed by phone support.

    Wondering if my unit is working properly and if you’ve had a similar experience.

    1. Hi Ken, there is always a little water at the bottom of my unit when the refill indicator comes on. I am not sure of that is where you are referring to. I have never tried to dump it out since it just cycles through the filter and goes into the filtered water container. I have not had any issues with this unit at all so far and am still very happy with it.

  4. The 3 filters will cost $100 according to the company.

    1. That’s true if you have to replace them all at once, but you shouldn’t have to. One of the filters is good for about a year, another is good for 1.5 to 3 years.

      Our refrigerator filter costs $50 and has to be replaced about twice a year. For us, it is also less expensive than buying bottled water at the store.

  5. stephanie o'day says:

    Wow – this is really neat! And it looks much nicer than some of the other products on the market that do the similar thing!

  6. WOuld love to try this. We have a reverse osmosis thing under the sink, it was here when we moved and we have no idea how to work it, lol.

  7. Would love to have one of these! I drink a lot of water and bottled water gets expensive.

  8. Jessica C. says:

    A countertop RO unit? Cool! Great for renters or anyone else who can’t or don’t want to install one under the sink!

  9. Deborah D says:

    I need this because we have really hard water here.

    1. We do too and even with the other filters, there was always a slight taste of metal. With this it really does taste like nothing but water.

  10. Edna Williams says:

    This looks like a product I could use! Thanks for the review!

  11. Amber Ludwig says:

    Super neat!! I love that it sits on the counter so its right at your finger tips!!

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