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Behind the scenes of a blog post

Behind the Scenes of a Blog Post

by Regan

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Behind the scenes of a blog post

When you read a blog post it is always finished, photos cropped and edited, and the story being told is the finished product that the writer wants you to read and see. But have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes to bring that finished blog post to life?

I am going to show you a little of my process on how I bring a crafty blog post to life. This is a combination of posts that I wrote through a blogging network. Any craft or review post that I write uses the same basic process. 

Blog post concept

First, you need an idea. This is a no-brainer. When I come up with a post idea, whether it’s an idea for a network or not, I then think about how I am going to present it on my blog for about a week prior to setting it up and photographing it. I brainstorm with myself for days, off and on all day.

Sometimes the original concept that I had in my head stays basically the same from first idea to finished post and sometimes it changes once I start browsing for supplies for my blog post. For example, my original concept for my DIY deco balls post was to wrap the balls completely in washi tape. For the finished product, they are a tissue paper decoupage project with the washi tape just as an accent. 


Behind the scenes of a blog post

For me, photos really sell a post. Anyone can put a product on the rug and snap a quick picture of it (I used to do this myself), but if you really want your post to stand out you need to think your photos through. Planning my photos is also a huge part of coming up with my overall concept. 

Behind the scenes of a blog post

I think of how I want my photos to look, the colors, and the story I want to tell through pictures. The above post was for a DIY cat bed (which ended up being my most popular post of 2015) and while at the fabric store I thought not only about fabrics that I liked, but colors and patterns that would photograph well. 

When planning the photos for my posts, I have to be sure that I have plenty of natural light. This means that I have to plan my photography times for when my light is best. Late morning, I take photos in my kitchen and in the afternoon I take photos on a table in my front room. 


Then I take about 3017 photos to get five or six that I want to use in my blog post.

Behind the scenes of a blog post

Photo editing

I then edit my photos to fit my story. I pick out the ten or so photos that I like best and edit them – lightening, fixing the white balance, cropping, etc. From those I will pick the ones that best help tell my story.

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Behind the scenes of a blog post

My process

Now that I have my concept and my photos, I need to come up with my story. I tend to use my photos as the inspiration for my story. I add all of the photos I want to use to my post, then write around them. Other people may do the opposite. 

Kids and pets

Then there are those posts that involve your kids or pets. Writing a post that involves your child(ren) or a pet can go either way. Either everything comes off without a hitch, or it’s like pulling teeth to get the shot you want. I have had mini photo shoots off and on for hours or days when they involve my youngest son or my pets, and sometimes I never do get the money shot I have in my head and just have to pick the best of the outtakes. 


They eat your props.

Behind the scenes of a blog post

Make funny faces when they’re done having their picture taken, regardless of whether you’re done or not.

Behind the scenes of a blog post

Or photobomb your shot.

Behind the scenes of a blog post


They lay on the product you’re writing a review for.

Behind the scenes of a blog post

They decide that it’s a perfect time for a bath. 

Behind the scenes of a blog post

Or they just walk off the set. 

Behind the scenes of a blog post

For all of the time that writing a blog post takes and even through some of the challenges, or whether it’s a sponsored post or something that I write for the heck of it, I can’t imagine anything else that I would rather do. 

Check out the finished posts of all of the featured photos to see how an idea comes to life as a completed blog post.

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