Breastfeeding Must Haves

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This week’s topic is: Tools of the Trade
I don’t think that we need a lot of stuff to breastfeed successfully, but there are a few items that have made the early months of breastfeeding much easier.

1. A Supportive Partner

What? I can dream

Aside from the boobs and a good milk supply, this is the most important thing for breastfeeding success. With my first child I only breastfed for 6½ months because my partner at the time wasn’t the most supportive. This time I have made it to 16 months and with the way we’re going, K would be breastfeeding until he goes to Kindergarten if he had his way! But this is fine because my husband is supportive.

2. Nipple Cream
The first week or two can be rough on your nipples while you and baby find your groove and your nipples toughen up. They can become raw, painful, and even crack. This is where I bet a lot of women give up, but don’t! I used Lanolin from Lansinoh, but there are lanolin-free nipple creams as well. Less than a week using this and you will feel much better. I never had the dryness recur after the first week or two.
3. Breast Pads

Not all women are leakers, but I sure was! For the first 3-4 months I needed to wear pads all the time. Once K and I got into a more steady groove I only needed to one on the side that I wasn’t nursing on for about another month or two. There are many different kinds of pads out there, but I chose reusable ones. I used Medela cloth pads because they were easily accessible at my local Babies R Us, but there are many brands that I wish I had heard of before I no longer needed them.

4. A Boppy

When I was breastfeeding Red 12 years ago I thought that The Boppy was silly. I could just use a throw pillow and save my money! Then I asked for one for my baby shower when I was pregnant with K and it was the most used thing that I had gotten. I loved it! I only just stopped using it about 2 months ago, but I still rest my arm against it when nursing K. 

5. An Ottoman

An ottoman is a wonderful thing while nursing. I didn’t have a glider (MIL got us a traditional rocker) but personally, I think the ottomans are the key part of that set up. 

Now for the two items that I wish I had, but never bought.

A Nursing Tank
I didn’t buy any nursing tops at all because I couldn’t find any that I liked that didn’t cost a king’s ransom, but now I do wish that I had invested in a nursing tank. I can’t really tell you why I never bought one. I had nursing bras and that worked fine for me. But there were definitely times that I wish that I had one, but by the time K was almost a year old I figured why bother? He wouldn’t be nursing for much longer anyway, right? That was 6-7 months ago.
I didn’t find out about these until I was no longer leaking like a sieve. This would have saved me so much time and I probably never would have had to pump a nighttime bottle for The Husband if I had known about these! 

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