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#ConquerBedwetting while away from home with @Pampers UnderJams #ad

Conquer Bedwetting While Away from Home {or Any Time}

by Regan

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I have discussed bedwetting on the blog a few times and now I am excited to tell you about yet another option to conquer bedwetting. Nighttime enuresis is most common in boys, but children of either gender can still have bedtime accidents. About 15% of children still wet the bed at age five and 7% at age seven. Children as old as ten years old and older can still have issues with bedwetting and it can be incredibly embarrassing for them. Dealing with it with dignity and compassion is so important. One way to help older children remain confident is to find a fail-proof way to keep their bed dry in case of an accident, especially while they are away from home either on vacation, at summer camp, or at a sleepover. Pampers UnderJams can be that solution. 


As you are probably aware I am a cloth diapering mom but even families who use cloth may feel the need to turn to a disposable option for a variety of reasons. Convenience while traveling is one reason that we have chosen to give UnderJams a try. We are planning a road trip soon and we need something easy to use and easy to pack for Dub to wear at night since he is still wetting the bed on a semi-regular basis. 

#ConquerBedwetting while away from home with @Pampers UnderJams #ad

I bought a package of UnderJams at Walmart to give them a try before we head off on our trip. Some key features that I noticed about these nighttime pants are that they are very thin and have a NightLock ultra-absorbent core to keep pajamas and linens dry all night. They are made of cloth-like ComfortWear materials so they are quiet for maintaining privacy, and most importantly they have a low waist so they won’t peek out of your child’s pajamas. Only you and your child know they are wearing them.

#ConquerBedwetting while away from home with @Pampers UnderJams #ad

Another reason for choosing a disposable option is for sleepovers with friends or grandparents. Dub is only four so he hasn’t experienced the self-esteem issues that can come along with bedwetting yet but my older son, Red had occasional accidents at night until he was eight years old. It was quite distressing for him when it happened. He was so embarrassed about the possibility of wetting the bed that he would sometimes avoid sleepovers with friends when his accidents were more frequent. Pampers UnderJams would have been a great option for him then so he could discreetly take the wet pant off and he didn’t have to try to sneak his wet sheets into the laundry. I had to reassure him that it was common and he wasn’t the only one who had occasional accidents even though he sometimes felt as though he was. 

Tips for conquering bedwetting

  • Eliminate drinks a few hours before bed.
  • Stay positive and supportive. 
  • Have your child use the bathroom right before bed. 
  • Create a praise chart with stickers for each morning they wake up dry. 
  • Purchase a bedwetting alarm.
  • Use a waterproof mattress or sheet. 
  • Talk about and eliminate stress and anxiety.
  • Use nighttime pants such as Pampers UnderJams.
  • Talk to your child’s pediatrician if you’re still concerned. 

#ConquerBedwetting while away from home with @Pampers UnderJams #ad

For the kids

Pampers has put together a cute downloadable book about bedwetting for your child to enjoy as well as some fun printable coloring pages.

Pampers Underjams – Sal the Sasquatch Book

Sal – Coloring Page Super Pose Sal – Coloring Page Splashing Sal – Coloring Page Hiding

Do you have a child who has or had occasional nighttime accidents? How do you conquer bedwetting in your house?

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