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Dating: My Best and Worst

by Regan

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Oddly enough I haven’t been on many first dates. I have always sort of stumbled on people who I just clicked with, we hung out and then became a couple. I do have two dates, one good and one bad, that do stick out in my mind though.

The worst date of my life was actually my fault. I was confused and being torn in two directions. When I was 18 I had just broken up with the then “love of my life”. In retrospect it was more of a challenge for us to stay together so I think that was the main attraction, but in my teenage heart and mind I was addicted to this person. In the meantime a friend of mine had decided to tell me that he was interested in me and invited me over to hang out and watch a movie. I accepted because we were friends and I enjoyed his company. Well, earlier in the day my ex called and said he wanted to see me and asked if I could meet him at the park to talk. This park was right down the street from the new guy and I said that I would. While at new guy’s house I faked a migraine and went down to meet the ex and got sucked in once more. At first I thought I was being slick but in the end I just ended up feeling like a complete jerk! But in a twist of fate I eventually ended up with “new guy” and we were together for six years.

My best date was with my now husband. We met at a local Irish pub for a drink and trivia and he ended up following me home. Not in a creepy way; we were separate cars. We stayed up until the wee hours talking and getting to know each other and our first date ended up lasting 48 hours while remaining G-rated. It was nice spending time just getting to know someone without muddying it up with other stuff. And now, here we are! Almost seven years later, married almost for four, and we are still each other’s best friend. We always say that if we weren’t a couple, we would be friends.

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Lisa September 24, 2012 - 2:21 pm

Great blog 🙂

Heidi September 24, 2012 - 3:43 pm

That actually sounds like a fun first date with your now husband!

Julie Jordan Scott September 26, 2012 - 1:46 pm

Ohhh, I love this so much!! How adorable!!! So glad I hopped over from ABC Facebook page!!