Get Cooking & Stay Fresh with Debbie Meyer Products

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 I received complimentary Debbie Meyer® products in exchange for my honest review. This post contains affiliate links.Get Cooking & Stay Fresh with Debbie Meyer Products

Quite a few years ago I first heard about Debbie Meyer® GreenBags®. I thought they sounded like a great idea if they worked, so I bought some. It turns out that they worked great and kept my produce fresh longer than conventional product bags. When I was asked to review some more Debbie Meyer products, I couldn’t wait to try them out. In addition to more Debbie Meyer® GreenBags®, I was sent some Debbie Meyer oven bags, Debbie Meyer grilling bags, Debbie Meyer slow cooker liners, and a set of Debbie Meyer GreenBoxes™ for review. 

Get Cooking & Stay Fresh with Debbie Meyer Products

I had no idea that Debbie Meyer made more products than green bags so I was excited to try them out. Especially the Debbie Meyer GreenBoxes™ since we do a lot of cooking. Leftovers are a constant in this house and, of course, we want to keep them fresh long enough to eat them. I put them to the test with leftover salad since that always seems to wilt in no time. 

Get Cooking & Stay Fresh with Debbie Meyer Products

Debbie Meyer® GreenBags® and Debbie Meyer GreenBoxes™

I am not sure if the photo even does it justice. After putting half of the salad in a green box and the other half in a standard plastic storage container, my husband and I both noticed a difference in freshness after three days. Since this photo, we have used the green boxes for most of our leftovers and we do think they stay fresher a few days longer. 

Get Cooking & Stay Fresh with Debbie Meyer Products

Get Cooking & Stay Fresh with Debbie Meyer Products

Get Cooking & Stay Fresh with Debbie Meyer Products

Oven and slow cooker liners

I was also really excited to try the oven and Debbie Meyer slow cooker liners. Let’s be honest, who loves cleaning roasting pans and slow cookers? Not me! With the slow cooker bags, you can make messy soups and chilis without having to clean the slow cooker afterward. I will never use my slow cooker without bags ever again.

The oven bags make it easier to hold in juices to keep meat from drying out. We made a pork roast in the Debbie Meyer oven bags and it came it tender and juicy. Served with a side of stuffing and applesauce, it was perfection! Also, clean up was a snap without having to scrub the roasting pan. That makes me happiest of all. 

Get Cooking & Stay Fresh with Debbie Meyer Products

Get Cooking & Stay Fresh with Debbie Meyer Products

Debbie Meyer Grilling bags

I think my husband’s favorite product is the Debbie Meyer grilling bags. Like the oven bags, they hold in juices and keep his grill cleaner. He hates cleaning the grill! For this meal, we covered some ribs in Penzeys BBQ 3000 and put them right on the grill in the bag. They came out delicious and best of all, no grill marks. This is good news since Dub thinks grill marks are burn marks and won’t eat anything with them. Sigh. Five-year-olds.

All-in-all, we are very pleased with the Debbie Meyer products we received and will definitely be keeping them in our kitchen from now on! Give them a try or win some in the Fall Fun giveaway hop

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  1. Richard Hicks says:

    These containers are amazing. Would love to have them

  2. Laurie Emerson says:

    I had never heard of Debbie Meyer products before this. After seeing the pictures and reading your review I am going to try and find these.

  3. Jeanna Massman says:

    I have always wanted to try Debbie Meyer products. They sound amazing!

  4. Jill Myrick says:

    We buy Debbie Meyer green bags and love them. They definitely help keep our fruits and vegetables fresher longer. I have never seen the Debbir Meyer containers but am sure they would be a hit here if they work even near as well as the bags.


  5. Renee Rousseau says:

    I can attest that Debbie Meyer® GreenBags® and Debbie Meyer GreenBoxes™ are both great products. I try to keep a sustainable kitchen and the reuseable boxes fit the bill. The Greenboxes are great for packing lunches ahead of time for the entire week! Love my Debbie Meyer products.

  6. denise low says:

    Thank yu for sharing. We have been trying to go green.

  7. These sound wonderful to me and I could help make our food last longer using these every day.

  8. I would love to try these products! I don’t eat anything with preservatives in it – all fresh fruit, veggies, meats, etc so keeping things fresh is always something I’m looking to do.
    thanks for the great review!

  9. Corey Olomon says:

    I could really use this. We seem to waste a lot of food to spoilage.

  10. Dotty J Boucher says:

    I would love to try out her containers and bags, I love how fresh those vegetables look and never thought about cooking in a bag, how awesome! is that..

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