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20 #Easter basket stuffers without the candy

20 Easter Basket Stuffers {Minus the Candy}

by Regan

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20 #Easter basket stuffers without the candy

These days it seems like a lot of us are interested in either cutting down or cutting out the candy from our kids’ Easter baskets. I have celebrated almost fourteen Easters with my oldest son and in that time I have managed to put together fun baskets without a lot of candy. Don’t get me wrong, I do put some candy in, but very little. Seeing as though we still have some Halloween candy on top of our fridge, my kids are perfectly okay with that I think. 

Here are some of the goodies that the bunny has left for my kids that don’t cause cavities…

  1. books
  2. t-shirts
  3. baseball 
  4. baseball mitt
  5. action figures
  6. a train for a wooden train set
  7. umbrella
  8. rain boots/sandals
  9. bubbles
  10. child-sized gardening tools
  11. stuffed animal
  12. yo-yo
  13. sidewalk chalk
  14. art supplies
  15. coloring books
  16. silly putty
  17. DVD or video game
  18. silly string
  19. matchbox cars
  20. card games (Uno, Skip Bo, etc)


What non-candy items do you use to fill your child’s Easter basket?

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Leela R April 14, 2014 - 4:06 pm

I’m kind of torn here. I hate to see Easter become another gift-giving holiday, but at the same time I understand the interest in having less candy around. Really, what’s Easter without a chocolate bunny? Maybe rather than gifts or candy you could put in fruit or other savory snacks. My son’s only 14 months this Easter so there’s no candy anyway, but it’s something I’ll have to think about next year.

Regan April 14, 2014 - 4:30 pm

I completely agree with you. My baskets aren’t all that big but I do have friends that go nuts. One makes it like a second Christmas. I used to go a little nuts on my oldest because his birthday is in December and he kind of gets the shaft but I have reeled it in a lot. I usually just put in things that they were going to get for Spring/Summer anyway. They do also get savory snacks like pretzels and of course some candy, just not ALL candy.

Sarah L April 11, 2014 - 8:40 pm

I like the gardening kit. Help kids learn about gardening.

aly April 11, 2014 - 1:35 pm

We put board games, pool toys and beach toys, movie tickets, and clothes in ours. We will still put 1 mini cadbury egg and 1 chocolate bunny in it…I just can’t break that tradition. But, in the eggs for the hunt we put coins in them in stead of candy.