Ergo vs Boba: My Final Comparison

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You may or may not have read about my acquisition of a Boba carrier and subsequent return and replacement of a defective model. Long story short, I’ve had (and loved) my Ergo for about 5 months and got a Boba about 3 weeks ago. I have been using mostly the Boba in that time to get a feel for it to see if I have a preference, though I have also used the Ergo a few times to honestly compare.

Today my Boba carrier went through its final test. The husband test. The Mister commented that he couldn’t even feel it and he kept it on for about an hour or so. My husband is a big guy with very broad shoulders and has never used the Ergo. He wouldn’t have been able to. I have lost almost 20 pounds since I got my Ergo and when I first got it, I was almost at the end of the strap length. Talk about a blow to my self esteem when I was still a few sizes away from plus sized clothing, eh?

All in all, both carriers are very similar and both excellent choices over other carriers on the market.
(This photo was being circulated on Facebook so I’m not sure who the photo credit belongs to)
Both carriers have a comfortable seat for baby, ergonomic design, padded shoulders, weight distribution to the hips instead of the shoulders, and can be worn on the front or as a back carrier.
What I prefer about the Ergo is the pocket in front for keys, cell phone, or other small items while taking a walk. I also prefer my Ergo’s Galaxy Grey pattern to my Boba’s brown and green Breeze pattern. Picky stuff.
What I prefer about the Boba is the higher back for my leaner and it’s more streamlined than the Ergo. I can hug Baby K and pat his little tush much easier in the Boba. Oddly enough, the reason why I can’t do this as easily in the Ergo is because of the pocket, which I really like!
I also like that the sleeping hood is detachable where you have to tuck it into the front pocket of the Ergo (also see easier “tush pats” in the Boba). I also find that with the Boba, I don’t get the slight, annoying pinch in my lower back after carrying a 21 pound baby. I think this is due to the fact that I stand and walk differently to compensate for the fact that the back is lower and my baby leans back in it. 
So even though I still really like my Ergo, my overall preference is the Boba. Is it enough of a preference to go out and buy one if you already have an Ergo? Probably not. But if you’re in the market for a soft structured carrier and trying to decide which one to get, my choice is the Boba. Also, the Ergo isn’t the best choice if you or your spouse is on the larger side. You can get an extension strap, but the Boba’s strap is significantly longer. 

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    >I've seen tons of people with the carrier on the right of the photo with the two fathers. Its very comfortable looking for both the child and the parents. I know a couple where each parent puts a child in it and go shopping that way. They're children were 3 and 18m at the time. So cool!

  2. jessicaclarke says:

    >Good to know I've been debating between the two for some time I have a maya wrap but now that my youngest is getting bigger it kills my shoulder. Following u back. BTW love your blog

  3. >I still really like my Ergo as well. Had I not won a Boba, I don't think that I would have ever tried another carrier and I would have been perfectly happy that way 🙂

    Thank you for checking me out.

  4. >Hi I'm a new follower via monday mingle :0) I have to say I love my Ergo. I've yet to try the wearing my baby on my back but winter is almost upon, so now time like the present I guess.

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