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Have More Free Time with Walmart to Go

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I love to shop but I don’t always love to go shopping. I get frustrated with crowded aisles and long lines sometimes. Add a three-year-old who has the potential to throw a tantrum at the drop of hat into the mix and it doesn’t make for a very fun outing. I’m all about simplicity and keeping my sanity so I recently gave Walmart To Go a try instead. 

When we lived in New England our local grocery store had a delivery option and we used it from time to time with great results. Because of my experience with that I was very excited to see if I would have a similar experience with Walmart to Go. 

The ordering process couldn’t be easier. Log on to Walmart To Go and choose whether you would like to have your order delivered to your home or to go pick it up. This time I chose to have my order delivered. 

Walmart to Go #walmarttogo #sp

You can order just about anything that you would shop for in the store. Household items, groceries, furniture and more. I ordered supplies to make laundry detergent and some Tide for my cloth diapers. I added all of the items in my cart, chose a delivery time for the following day and checked out. I received a confirmation email and was good to go. 

Walmart to Go #walmarttogo #sp

They did have to make a substitution on the Tide which is right at the top of the order summary. I didn’t notice it at first so I was a little surprised when I received lavender but now I know where the substitutions are in the email summary. Also you can check a box that says you don’t want a replacement item. 

The delivery was about a half hour late but they did call and let me know that they were running late. Overall I was pleased with my experience and found it very easy. I would definitely recommend it and will be using Walmart to Go again in the future. 



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  1. Great article Regan 🙂 That why I also do most of shopping online. The convenience definitely outweighs the negatives of losing my patience in a grocery store (or any store for that matter 🙂 )


    1. I pretty much only do grocery shopping in person now. 99% of my other shopping is all online now. I love having the extra time to do other things.

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