Gold Toe Socks are #OhSoSoft! #IC [ad]

Gold Toe ‘Oh. So. Soft.’ Rocks My Socks!

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There is nothing better than brand new socks but honestly, I’ve never really given much thought to socks before. It seems like after they’re washed once or twice then they lose their brand new sock feel and they’re just . . . socks. My husband, on the other hand, has sworn by Gold Toe socks for years so when I had the opportunity to try Gold Toe ‘Oh. So. Soft.’ socks for myself I was pretty excited to see what all of the excitement was about. 

Gold Toe Socks are #OhSoSoft! #IC [ad]

In the cooler months I always have socks on but now that it’s summer I am often barefoot or in flip flops, but I was so excited about my new Gold Toe ‘Oh. So. Soft.’ socks that I had to start wearing my lightweight sneakers more often to try them out. As an added bonus, I don’t have to give myself pedicures as often!

Gold Toe Socks are #OhSoSoft! #IC [ad]

When I first put them on I was amazed at how soft they were, but new socks are always amazing. The real test would be after the socks were washed a few times and guess what? They’re still oh so soft! Also, I love colorful socks so I was happy to see that they come in several gorgeous summery colors. 

Gold Toe Socks are #OhSoSoft! #IC [ad]

Aside from them being incredibly soft, I am most excited about their reinforced toes. As you can see, my toes are evenly lined which is great for my love of symmetry but not so great for my socks. It means that my big toe pushes through socks like you wouldn’t believe. My socks all end up with holes at the big toe and in most cases, it only takes about a year before my socks are useless. That’s if I’m lucky so I am excited to see if the Gold Toe ‘Oh. So. Soft.’ socks last longer. 

Gold Toe Socks are #OhSoSoft! #IC [ad]

What makes Gold Toe ‘Oh. So. Soft.’ Socks so soft?

  • Ultra soft microfiber polyester for incredible softness
  • Soft, flexible spandex for the Perfect Fit®
  • Reinforced toes for long-lasting durability
  •  Contents: 94% Polyester, 4% Nylon, 2% Spandex

I have been made a believer and have joined my husband in his love of Gold Toe socks!

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