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10 Ways You and Your Kids Can Help Shelter Cats

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Once we bring a pet into our homes we give them all of the love and care that they deserve, but what about all of the cats still in the shelter waiting for their forever family to come along? While shelters receive donations, taking care of hundreds of animals every day is expensive. They and the cats waiting for homes also need our help.


The shelter staff is wonderful and they do what they can, but with so many homeless pets in their care, they can’t do everything. This is why shelter cats also need people like you and me to give them a hand in any way we can. Helping may be easier than you think!


The very best way to help shelter cats is to adopt one instead of buying one from a breeder. There are so many beautiful cats who need homes, from kittens to seniors. There are even some pure breed cats that end up in shelters. When you adopt a cat from a shelter you are saving a life instead of helping to create the demand for even more cats.


If you are unable to adopt a cat or if you feel like doing a good thing for a cat in need, many cats need foster homes just like yours. Fostering is temporary but necessary as some cats need medical care or socialization before they are ready for adoption.

How You and Your Kids Can Help Shelter Cats (AD) #LitterForGood #CatsPride #cats #shelterpets #adoptdontshop


In addition to food and a roof over their heads, cats in shelters can get lonely. While your cat has a family to cuddle and play with them, the shelter cats spend much of their day hanging out in a cage or a room with other cats. You and your kids will love keeping them company, playing with them, and making sure they are socialized and so will the cats.


Are you good with a camera? It is well known that the better the photos are of adoptable pets, the faster they are adopted. If you see that the pet photos on your shelter’s website aren’t all that good, give them a call and offer to come take photos of the cats who are looking for homes. Your skills could mean the difference between a cat finding a forever home or continuing to wait.


If you are someone who enjoys a DIY project you could make beds and toys to donate for very little money. I have made cat beds, lined boxes, and stuffed cat toys and I am not all that crafty. All of my projects have been either no-sew or very simple hand stitching, so you don’t need to be Martha Stewart.

How You and Your Kids Can Help Shelter Cats (AD) #LitterForGood #CatsPride #cats #shelterpets #adoptdontshop


If you know someone who is looking for a new cat, suggest your favorite local shelter. Sometimes we may assume that our friends already know about the shelters in the area, but they may not. Your post may help your friend and a cat looking for a forever home.


Do you follow your local shelter on social media? If so, share their adoptable pet listings with your friends and followers. Even if you can’t adopt a cat right now, you may know someone who is looking, and that cat your shelter just shared on their page might be the perfect fit for them.


These days there are so many ways to raise money for your favorite causes. For your birthday can you hold a fundraiser for a local shelter or rescue right on Facebook without much effort.

How You and Your Kids Can Help Shelter Cats (AD) #LitterForGood #CatsPride #cats #shelterpets #adoptdontshop

How You and Your Kids Can Help Shelter Cats (AD) #LitterForGood #CatsPride #cats #shelterpets #adoptdontshop


Of course, monetary donations are always welcome. You can often donate online, so it is also often the easiest way to help shelter cats.


Animal shelters rely heavily on donations from people like you and me. You and your children can help by donating supplies that you may already have around your house. Things like boxes, old towels, bedding, toys, cleaning supplies, cat food, and cat litter are all in short supply, and your donation would be a huge help to shelter cats in need.

Speaking of donating supplies, with your purchase of a green jug of Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light® cat litter, Cat’s Pride® will donate a pound of litter to the shelter of your choice via their Litter for Good™ program. All you have to do is sign up for the free Cat’s Pride Club and nominate your local shelter to receive a litter donation. It couldn’t be simpler to do so much good to help shelter cats in your area.

Not only are you helping cats in need, but you are also helping your furry family members by purchasing them a quality litter. Fresh & Light Ultimate Care® cat litter is low dust and fast clumping for a cleaner and healthier environment for your cat and your family. Fresh & Light Ultimate Care® is available in scented or unscented and is also a lightweight litter.

You will find Cat’s Pride® kitty litter in the pet care aisle of your local Walmart. Try it today, and your cats will thank you.

How You and Your Kids Can Help Shelter Cats (AD) #LitterForGood #CatsPride #cats #shelterpets #adoptdontshop

How You and Your Kids Can Help Shelter Cats (AD) #LitterForGood #CatsPride #cats #shelterpets #adoptdontshop @catspride

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