HUE Plus External Battery Review

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Are you as attached to your smartphone, e-reader or tablet as I am? I think the majority of us are these days. I know that having a blog means that I need to have access to my email and social media at all times so my cell phone battery always seems to be running low. For years I have dreamed of having a cordless, portable charger for my phone and now the time is finally here. 

HUE Plus External Battery #review #tech

At about nine ounces the HUE Plus from JunoPower is bigger and heavier than other external batteries that I have tried but it has some great features so that I don’t mind its larger size. My favorite thing about the HUE Plus is that it has two ports on top for charging two phones, a phone and a Kindle, etc. at the same time. It also has a great display that lets you know how much power the external battery has and it doesn’t run out of juice as quickly as some others because of it’s bigger size. 

HUE Plus External Battery #review #tech

It has 9900 mAh of power which means that you will get approximately an additional 40+ hours of power on an iPhone 5/5S and an extra 24 + hours on a Samsung Galaxy S3/S4. It has also done very well in charging my Kindle. 

HUE Plus External Battery #review #tech

One thing I didn’t realize when I first plugged my phone in was that in order for it to start charging you must push the button on the top to turn it on. My other external batteries didn’t have this button so for a few seconds I thought that my battery was broken. But overall the HUE Plus couldn’t be easier to use. 

If you are in the market for an external battery to keep yourself connected on the go I would definitely recommend the HUE Plus. It’s powerful and comes in several attractive colors. It might be a little clumsy to keep in your pocket but if you carry a purse or can put your phone and battery down on a table then I don’t think the size will bother you at all. JunoPower also has a smaller external battery, the HUE Kard if that’s all you need to fit your needs. It is about the size of an iPhone 5. 

You can buy a HUE Plus and other accessories from JunoPower for $49.99

Update 10/7/14 – a few months ago this battery stopped working. It started charging VERY slowly – as in a 2% increase in power after 24 hours. We had it on the charger for almost a week and it only gained 6% power and then started losing power while still on the charger. This charger worked for less than 5 months. 



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  1. I’d always have room in my purse for this. I’ll remember to push the button.

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