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Joosh's Juice Bar - children's book review

Joosh’s Juice Bar | Book Review

by Regan

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I received a complimentary product in exchange for my honest review.

We are a family of readers and right now my three-year-old’s favorite things in the world are his books and visiting the library. When I had the opportunity to review Joosh’s Juice Bar by Josh Gottsegen I couldn’t say no. 

When the book arrived Dub was immediately taken by the colorful illustrations.

Joosh's Juice Bar - children's book review

Joosh’s Juice Bar is a book is about a family who own a juice bar and they make healthy juices made with fruits and vegetables. When they run out of strawberries the children run off to look for more. On their journey they meet some characters along the way and end up at the forbidden swamp. This is where they find glowing berries (that are a metaphor for junk food) and bring them back instead of strawberries and make juice out of it at the juice bar. After drinking the juice they are glowing blue and need to seek help from Dr. Boo Boo.

Joosh's Juice Bar - children's book reviewThe story has a great message about eating healthy and what eating junk food can do to your body and how badly it can make you feel. It sends this message in a fun, adventurous way instead of being preachy.

K-Dub likes the story but likes the pictures even more. He sits and flips the pages over and over and doesn’t seem to get bored with them. Joosh’s Juice Bar is a welcome addition to our ever-growing library.

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