My 6 favorite homemade #Thanksgiving side dishes: cranberry sauce, creamed pearl onions, #crockpot stuffing, sweet potato pie, creamed spinach, sweet cornbread #recipes #thanksgivingrecipes #sidedishes #thanksgivingsides #holidays

6 Delicious Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes

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At the risk of sounding like The Grinch, when did the day after Halloween become the start of the Christmas season? Even when Christmas decorations were put out on the day after Thanksgiving I was still a little tired of it all by the time Christmas actually rolled around. Now? It’s just crazy talk. I was in Barnes and Noble two weeks ago and they were already playing Christmas music. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Christmas. But I like Thanksgiving, too. Thanksgiving isn’t a commercial holiday, but it isn’t one to be glossed over then tossed aside. It’s a time to be thankful for your life’s blessings, spend time with family, have a few days off from work, and eat some darned tasty food. 

With that, here are my favorite Thanksgiving side dish recipes that we make every year. I hope you will add them to your Thanksgiving table. Enjoy!

My 6 favorite Thanksgiving side dishes 

Cranberry Sauce. Yes, you can make cranberry sauce from scratch and it’s super easy! If you think you don’t like cranberry sauce because you’ve only had it from a can, give it another try. There is no comparison to homemade! I stock up on fresh cranberries while they’re still in the store and freeze them so I can make this cranberry sauce throughout the year. So good!

Creamed Pearl Onions. I have a thing for creamed onions. I’m not sure what it is, but I love them! My grandmother made them and it was one part of Thanksgiving that I always remembered so I feel a bit of nostalgia when I make them myself. I don’t make them every year since I’m the only one in my house that eats them, but I love them when I do! Besides, if they don’t eat them, all the more for me!

Crockpot Stuffing. Yes. This. Not only is it delicious, but by using your crockpot you save up valuable oven space which is at an absolute premium on Thanksgiving. Genius.

Sweet Potato Pie. Almost like pumpkin pie, but better. There, I said it. I attribute it to the fact that most of us don’t want to deal with a fresh pumpkin so we use canned pumpkin, which isn’t even pumpkin!). But with a sweet potato pie, you are using a fresh sweet potato. I was the biggest pumpkin pie fan around and then on a whim I made this one year. Now, I haven’t had a pumpkin pie in years. Now, I’m all about the sweet potato. 

Creamed Spinach. OMG, yum! I adore creamed spinach and this recipe is amazing. It’s creamy and just perfect. 

Cornbread. This is the best cornbread recipe I’ve ever had, bar none. I’m serious. It’s absolute perfection. Anytime we have cornbread away from home, my husband always says, “It’s good, but yours is better.”

I hope your Thanksgiving is happy, healthy, and delicious!

My 6 favorite homemade #Thanksgiving side dishes: cranberry sauce, creamed pearl onions, #crockpot stuffing, sweet potato pie, creamed spinach, sweet cornbread #recipes #thanksgivingrecipes #sidedishes #thanksgivingsides #holidays



Holiday recipes: 6 delicious, crowd-pleasing Thanksgiving side dishes

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  1. Chuckle. There’s no Christmas music or Christmas decorations in our house until after Thanksgiving. And I’ll gripe about Christmas being up in stores whenever I’m out. It seems to be a losing battle though.

  2. Ooh, thanks for these recipe links! Though, this year it is just my hubby, me, and our toddler for thanksgiving, so we’ve decided to go untraditional with lamb. Hoping to have a full house for Christmas and do the turkey and fixin’s there! My favorite is mashed potato :). Sadly, my hubby isn’t as much a fan. Can’t please everyone I guess!!

  3. Hannah Avery says:

    I think I want to try to make my own cranberry sauce this year. My husband’s grandma will be coming, so maybe she can show me how she makes hers and it will make her feel special!

    1. You really should. It took me a long time to do it but it’s so easy to do.

  4. Kayla Stutler says:

    Ive worked in retail for a long time and i couldnt stand when the Christmas stuff would be out in october! Drove me bonkers.

  5. Kathryn C. says:

    I absolutely love Christmas but I agree that it creeps up everywhere earlier and earlier each year. I can’t wait to make some of these recipes, especially the homemade cranberry sauce. Thanks!

  6. The cornbread sounds delicious! Thanks for these recipes. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about Thanksgiving 🙂

  7. Sandy Cain says:

    OMG, where do you live? Can I come to your house for Thanksgiving dinner? These are OUTRAGEOUS! Every single one of these are counted among my favorites! God bless you! (Though my waistline won’t, LOL).

  8. I am totally going to make the creamed spinach recipe for Turkey Day! Thanks for the recipe!

  9. I typically go all out for Thanksgiving, and have the time to do so because my husband works Thanksgiving Day every year. This year, however, I am paring things down and taking it easy as I’m in my first trimester and my energy levels are sub-par. Simplify, simplify, simplify!

  10. Michelle F. says:

    that cornbread looks amazing!

  11. I love preparing for Thanksgiving. I do start decorating for Christmas right after Halloween. But I also spend a lot of time getting ready for Thanksgiving as well.

    1. My oldest’s birthday is December 8th so I don’t start decorating for Christmas until after his birthday so he can have his birthday as its own day since everything else around him is Christmas. I would decorate a bit earlier if he was born later in the month or in November but probably still not until December since the husband’s birthday is November 30th.

  12. Oh wow! This is a great collection of recipes. I’m always so scared to make thanksgiving dinner! 🙁 This looks like it would make it a teensy bit easier!

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