Lily Nily Child's Bangle Bracelet Review

Lily Nily Bangle Review

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Plastic jewelry is easy to find for children to play with, but sometimes that won’t work for a more sophisticated occasion. Luckily, the creators of Lily Nily recognized this problem and are working to rectify it with their beautiful jewelry.

Lily Nily Bangle

When I was first introduced to this collection for little girls, I thought that it might be a bit too much for such a young age. After reading the About Us page, I learned that the jewelry is gold-plated brass and hand-painted. I explored the website further and found that the pieces include earrings, necklaces or pendants, bracelets or bangles, and rings. Each selection includes fun designs like ballerinas, ties, bows, or candy. The colors are vibrant and are sure to appeal to any girl’s taste.

Lily Nily Bangle

As my daughter is still very young (probably below the target age), I decided to go with something that would be a little more durable and got the Owl Bangle. The bangles are solid, without chain links that could be broken. A single, easy clasp holds the two halves together along with a barely-noticeable hinge. While there are lots of wonderful design choices for these, my girl loves animals, especially owls (plus, pink and purple are her favorite colors).

 Lily Nily Bangle Lily Nily Bangle

When we received the bangle, I was immediately impressed by the packaging. This wouldn’t normally be something that I pay too close attention to, but the way that they wrap and box their items shows that this company takes pride in their jewelry. I know that given a little more experience, my daughter would have been ecstatic to have something nice that deserves a special box to keep it in. So I did the oogling for her since the last time I got something in such nice wrapping was when my husband proposed. Indeed, most of my own jewelry doesn’t compare to this one bangle!

Lily Nily Bangle

My daughter was ecstatic to see it and wear it around. I believe it will be something that I will keep a close eye on since it could easily be slipped off of her wrist right now. But the owl was the perfect choice for her and she is in love with the colors. She enjoys putting on her fancy dresses so that she can have the opportunity to wear the bangle as well. I am excited to have this piece for the weddings we will be attending this summer as well. Furthermore, after having just found out that baby number two is also a little girl, I know that this bangle will last for years to come and that she will also be able to enjoy it when it becomes too small for her big sister.

Lily Nily Bangle

Overall, I’m super pleased with this jewelry! While I would definitely recommend the bracelets or necklaces for children a little older (my girl is two), I know that many families have their girls’ ears pierced and the options that they have for earrings would be perfect! Since everything is gold-plated, they would work even for littles with sensitive ears (sans a gold allergy, of course), which is perfect for my daughter who is sensitive about everything. I will not be forgetting about Lily Nily as she gets older and we pierce her ears or would like to get her something special to wear.

Lily Nily Bangle

You can find this bangle as well as a variety of other styles at Lily Nily.

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  1. Lily Kwan says:

    This bangle looks very nice. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I absolutely love this owl bangle! They have so many cute items!

  3. Christina Moore says:

    This would be so cute for my granddaughter

  4. My daughter(10) has always loved jewelry, especially necklaces and bracelets. I am always on the lookout for quality child-friendly pieces for her. Her ears aren’t pierced yet. Hubby and I will leave it up to her whether she wants them pierced or not.

    Lily Nily has quality pieces that are both pretty and appropriate for kids. The packaging is attractive and appealing too.

  5. Amber Collier says:

    That is adorable! Perfect birthday or Christmas presents for my toddlers.

  6. DENISE LOW says:

    They have very pretty jewelry here. Thank you for sharing.

  7. It really does look well made and dressy. While I can’t imagine my niece wearing similar bangle to school….but to church, a wedding, or for dress up time? Absolutely! Thanks for introducing us to this company!

  8. Nancy Burgess says:

    Very cute and we’ll made bracelet.

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