Mommy’s Ready For Night Weaning

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If someone told me 16+ months ago that I would still be nursing K, I would have thought that it wasn’t very likely. I had every intention of nursing for a year and even a little beyond, but I had big plans to start pumping soon after a year and give him milk a few times a day with a cup. Right. Even more than that, I fully intended to have a baby that slept through the night by now so night nursing wouldn’t even be part of the conversation. Do you hear my slightly maniacal chuckling? Not only will K not allow breastmilk to be given to him from anywhere other than “the tap”, he also can’t go to sleep without it. This is becoming a problem for me. After 16 months I would like to know what a full night’s sleep feels like.

My husband is a saint. He really is. He is more than willing to get up with K and soothe him when he wakes up, but K will have none of it! If he hears The Husband going up the stairs instead of me, he starts to get more fussy. When he sees The Husband come into his room instead of me, he let’s him know that he’s an unwelcome intruder. When The Husband picks him up, it all goes downhill in a hurry. He screams and thrashes around and gets extremely angry! Where a quick sip from the tap will have him back down in five minutes, he will scream at my husband for up to a half an hour. Once he finally falls asleep and my husband so much as twitches, he’s up and screaming again. So alas, it’s just easier for me to get up and do it. For the most part this isn’t a problem since it’s quick, but I have insomnia issues and find it very hard to fall back to sleep. So I’ll say it again. After 16 months, I would like to know what a full night’s sleep feels like.
I have tried to rub his back to soothe him, but he doesn’t want any part of it. I’ve tried picking him up and swaying with him, but he gets pretty angry. I’ve tried to rock him in the rocking chair, but he gets very stiff, screams, and will even head-butt me if the mood strikes him. So I don’t see night weaning happening anytime soon in my future.

If anyone out there has any tried and true tips for me to wean a breastmilk addict at night I would love to hear it! But when all is said and done, how can I say no to these eyes?

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  1. Charis's Mum says:

    >Same here!! Though last night my daughter ACTUALLY slept for over 10 hours between putting her in her crib and having "milkies" this morning.

  2. loves6cats says:

    >Children will eventually cry themselves to sleep unless given what they are looking for. It may take a few nights of horrible sleep for everyone involved but eventually they know they aren't getting what they want. Make sure he has a bottle or sippy cup available and he will take it. It won't be easy for anyone and I think it is hardest for us to hear them cry but perservence and consistency is key. Good luck.

  3. >Awww, that's hard! Hugs mama. I don't have any tips because my babies aren't really attatched to nursing. They nurse purely for food and not for comfort. 16 months is a long time to not get a night's sleep for though. Hopefully you can figure out something.

  4. Hannah Barnhorn says:

    >Hannabert will only take milk from the tap or a bottle but will take water from a sippy cup. He also will fall asleep in seconds if I get him and nurse him but if Horn gets him, I better not be anywhere nearby. Hang in there!

  5. Shannon Stubbs says:

    >The only tip I can offer, which may not work for you since he only wants milk from the tap, is a sippy with water at night. I never planned on using that, but when she got a bad cold over Christmas, I started giving her a sippy cup to have in bed. She loves having it and thrashes about for it when she wakes up. It has definitely helped a bit. Now sometimes, that's all she wants, sometimes, it's not enough.

    Good luck! I still don't know what a full nights sleep feels like at 17 months and aren't expecting one for years!

  6. Christie Anne says:

    >I don't have any tips for you (I know…sorry), but I would say to you to just hang in there. My son night weaned himself at 17 months and my daughter at 19 months (those last 2 months seemed so long since I fully anticipated that she would night wean at 17 months also). I bet that he is probably closer to it than you think…and personally, I think it is so much easier to let them do things when they're ready than fight with them to get them to do it before they're ready. Then again, my children tend more toward the stubborn side. They tend to dig their heels in if they feel like I'm trying to force them into something. lol. Good luck! =)

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