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My First Attempt at Organic Gardening in The Rockies

by Regan
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One of the most exciting things about buying our house last spring was the ability to finally grow my own garden. I have tried to grow vegetables in pots before without much success so I am very excited to see how my first attempt at a real organic garden works out. Eating as healthfully as possible is important to me so it was natural for me to want to use organic seeds and Miracle-Gro Organic Choice soil. Better for my family and better for the planet. 

Our growing season in Colorado starts a little late due to erratic weather. Last year it snowed on the first day of May so I planted my seeds that needed to be planted ahead of time in early April and am planning on a mid-May transplant. 

I have never started plants from a seed before other than an elementary school science project so I have been reading all about it on the Miracle-Gro Learn And Grow page. It’s been very helpful to this novice.

Because of the crazy weather here I was worried that my seeds wouldn’t grow but they did! About two weeks later I saw the first little sprouts of the mesclun lettuce that I planted. About a week after that I got some onion sprouts and then some cherry and roma tomato sprouts. I am still waiting on my peppers and my herbs to sprout.

Since we had a small amount of snow as recently as last week we put my seedlings in my son’s wagon so we could keep them in the garage at night and bring them out every morning when it’s warm for some fun in the sun. This has been working out very well. 

I am excited for when we can plant them in the ground in a few weeks. Since we have a lot of landscaping rock in our yard we decided to get a raised planter bed so we don’t use up valuable lawn space. We ordered a raised planter bed that I can’t wait to fill it up with my seeds and seedlings and eventually have delicious organic vegetables and herbs for homemade marinara sauce, salad, vegetable soup, and so much more. 

If you are interested in starting your own organic garden as well check out Miracle-Gro Organic Choice soil and plant food to make your garden grow. 

What recipes would you make with your own homegrown organic herbs and veggies?

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