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My HTC 8x Windows Phone Helps Me Blog on the Go #Troop8X #HTC8

by Regan

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HTC 8x Windows PhoneThere are a lot of things that I like my new HTC 8x phone. I love the funky, customizable home screen most of all. You can change the size and position of the apps to make your home screen work best for you. I also love how it rotates through the photos on your phone right on your home screen. There isn’t a need for wallpaper when your home screen looks this cool!

My home screen is customized for blogging on the go. With a rowdy toddler to chase around and a new teenager to bring here and there, I need to be able to get some blogging done while I’m away from the computer. Since our computer is upstairs, this means that I do a lot of mobile blogging at home, too. Any app that I may need is right at my fingertips.

The Windows apps are little different from Android apps in their interface and that has taken me a little time to get used to but I really like their functionality. Let’s talk about my favorites.

Windows Phone WordPress appThe WordPress app is obviously the blogging app that I use the most. It is free in the Windows Phone app store and for a smartphone app, it works pretty well! I can easily access my comments to read or approve them, write a post, check my stats, and adjust my blog settings.

Windows Phone Google Analytics ClientThe other app that I use a lot is the Google Analytics Client. It is also free in the app store and I prefer it to the Android Analytics app. I like things in lists and in one place whenever possible and this app does just that. You can choose which stats you want to see and they are right there in one nice list and organized by month. So without changing any dates, you can see three months worth of stats right there in one set of columns. I wish the Google Analytics website was this user-friendly!

Windows Phone Faccebook+Of course when you’re blogging you need access to Facebook. Well, you need access to Facebook even if you’re not blogging, but I digress. The Windows Store has quite a few Facebook apps and honestly, I prefer the Facebook+ app to the “official” Windows Phone Facebook app. I do have that one on my phone to share photos with, but for everyday use, I use Facebook+.

I keep my blog email and my personal email separate and for the blog I use the Google Mail app, which doesn’t look any different from the regular email app. It’s easy to use and lumps emails together my sender which can make reading an email trail from a blog sponsor much easier. When you’re on the go, not having to search through your email is a great feature to have.


Windows Phone mail

For mobile blogging, my HTC 8x Windows Phone has been fun and so easy to use. What do you think of the home screen? Is it a design that would work well for you in your life?




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Katherine G February 1, 2013 - 11:17 pm

This phone sounds so cool.