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My Nutrisystem Journey – Week Eleven #NSNation #ad

by Regan
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I have received the Nutrisystem program free of charge in exchange for writing about the program and my progress. All opinions expressed are my own.

Once again I stayed exactly the same this week. Funny though, my clothes are fitting better despite the scale not moving. My pants are finally starting to fit a bit looser which is when I finally start feeling better. I always seem to lose last in my thighs and butt since I have always been “blessed” with an ample amount of each.

My shirts have been fitting better for weeks now so it’s nice to finally catch up. Even my husband said the other day, “so how much have you lost now? About 15-20?” Haha! No, only ten but thank you. I say only but my body loves to hold on to weight so this is about what I expected to lose and I am very happy with it so far. I still have a way to go but baby steps.

There are a lot of pasta with red sauce meals and pizza on the Nutrisystem plan so when this is over I doubt that I will be eating much of either for quite a while and that’s probably a good thing!

My weight loss this week was 0 pounds for still a total of 10.2 pounds lost.

Sharing is caring!

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