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Nutrisystem broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken #NSNation #ad

My Nutrisystem Journey – Week Six #NSNATION #AD

by Regan

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I have received the Nutrisystem program free of charge in exchange for writing about the program and my progress. All opinions expressed are my own.

This week I decided to save my sanity and didn’t weigh in. It’s the magical week of bloating and water weight gain so I am just steering clear of that frustration.

I was very good last week. I think my only cheat was a Starbucks latte if my memory serves me correctly. I do admit that I am starting to miss our family meals and I’m pretty sure my husband is looking forward to when I will start cooking again. He’s a good cook but we usually share cooking duties and now it’s landed all on his shoulders. It’s kind of cruel to have someone cook a great meal and not be able to eat it so I haven’t. 

Of all of the meals on the Nutrisystem plan, the broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken breast is my favorite, hands down. I wish they would send me a bunch of them. 

Nutrisystem broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken #NSNation #ad

My favorite afternoon snack this week is a half cup of lowfat cottage cheese with a cup of diced cucumbers, dill, onion powder, and pepper. I could eat it all day long and will probably continue to snack on it regularly even when I am finished with the Nutrisystem program. Oh, and cheese sticks. They’re easy to grab on the go and, well, it’s cheese. Cheese makes me happy.

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