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My Nutrisystem Journey - week ten #nsnation #ad

My Nutrisystem Journey – Week Ten #NSNation #ad

by Regan

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I have received the Nutrisystem program free of charge in exchange for writing about the program and my progress. All opinions expressed are my own.

In terms of weight loss I stayed exactly the same this week. It’s frustrating but at least I didn’t gain anything. We went out to dinner for Father’s Day and had an amazing sushi dinner and mojitos which must be the reason for staying the same. I wouldn’t change a thing, though! It was well worth it.

I have to be honest and say that I am starting to get bored with the meals because we are a family that eats a large variety of foods. Not that there isn’t variety in the Nutrisystem meals but in general my family doesn’t repeat a meal for several months. At least once a week one of us seems to say, “why don’t we eat this more often?” but that’s just because we like to cook (which is part of my weight problem!). I know that some families have weekly meal plans where it’s Taco Tuesday or Pizza Friday and for them they probably wouldn’t get bored but that’s just not how we roll. 

One thing that I would love to have on hand all the time are the melts. They’re almost like a Hot Pocket but they taste better. They’re such an easy lunch to pop in the microwave and eat on the go and they taste pretty good, too!

My Nutrisystem Journey - week ten #nsnation #ad

My weight loss this week was 0 pounds for still a total of 10.2 pounds lost.

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