RAVPower Luster External Battery Review

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Every once in a while a product comes along that makes me wonder why I didn’t know that it existed and why I didn’t own one. The RAVPower external battery is one of those items. My cell phone is often running low on juice while we’re out or I just forget to charge it. For me, this device has been a game changer. 

RAVPower external battery #review #tech

Not much bigger than a lipstick, the RAVPower external battery is easily portable so you can charge your battery anywhere. It also has a clip that attaches to the side of the battery so you can clip it to your pants and charge your phone while it’s in your pocket if you don’t carry a purse. 

RAVPower external battery #review #tech

On one end of the battery are two connections. One for charging the external battery and the other for using the external battery to charge your cell phone, e-reader, or tablet. When fully charged the external battery will give you approximately one full charge of your cell phone. 

RAVPower external battery #review #tech

On the other end of the battery is a flashlight which will come in very handy. It’s a nice bright flashlight with three different settings – bright, brighter, and blinking. 

RAVPower external battery #review #tech

The RAVPower external battery has been great. Now I’m not sure how I survived without an external battery before! I highly suggest picking one up if you’re like me and find yourself without much power on your cell phone while you’re out and about. 

You can purchase your own external battery on Amazon for $19.99 so it’s also affordable! 


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  1. This would be a Godsend for me. No more searching for a convenient outlet when my iPad needs charging. I love the portability and a flashlight is always handy.

  2. Small enough to toss in my pocket or purse AND a handy flashlight.

  3. Melissa Marinho says:

    I soooo need one of these. It always seems like my cell phone battery is low when I’m out and need it most! How does that happen!! 🙂 This has been on my wishlist for awhile now, and have been looking for one that really works well. I really like that it is small. I definitely don’t need any other huge items in my purse. 🙂 I love that this has a flashlight on it too! This would be such a life saver to own. Thanks so much for your review and photos!

  4. Beanybopp says:

    My cell phone needs a new battery since it is 3 years old but they are so expensive and I have been debating on just upgrading anyway….this would be nice to have while I make the decision whether or not to upgrade and what I would like to get. It would also come in handy to take have when we bring the tablet out when we know we are going to do boring adult stuff (like shopping for a new couch) and need him distracted…..he likes to run the tablets battery down very quickly.

  5. Jennifer Hiles says:

    These are just amazing. What a great device to own. I don’t know how many times my phone died and I didn’t have my charger.

  6. This looks so convenient! I like the design, and the flashlight would come in handy.

  7. I just got my first Smartphone last week, and I’ve quickly realized that I need one of these.

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