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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Soundfreaq. I received a Soundfreaq Sound Spot to facilitate my review.

My husband and I love music; especially in the kitchen while we’re cooking. The small stereo that we used to use bit the dust during our move and we never got around to replacing it. We were listening to music on our smartphones without speakers which, as you know, doesn’t sound all that great. We really needed to get a new stereo and planned on it when I got the opportunity to review the Soundfreaq Sound Spot bluetooth speaker. 

Soundfreaq Sound Spot Bluetooth Speakers #review Sponsored: @Soundfreaq #SoundSpot

The Soundfreaq Sound Spot is a portable speaker system that operates via your bluetooth. Its slim design allows it to fit almost anywhere.

SFQ-07 White Wood 290 QTRhigh iPhoneThe speaker plugs in easily to any USB port or phone charger. Once charged you have a wireless speaker that can go anywhere in or outside the house with you.

The initial set up is very easy. It took a little while for the Pair light to blink but once it did it only took a few seconds to pair it to my phone, just like any other bluetooth device you may have already connected.

There are three sound settings to choose from on the back of the speaker to adjust to the style of music you’re listening to. I was surprised by how great these speakers sound for such a small piece of equipment.  After listening to music through our phones for the past few months, it’s a nice change to actually have some bass. 

Soundfreaq Sound Spot Bluetooth Speakers #review Sponsored: @Soundfreaq #SoundSpot

The Sound Spot’s sleek design allows for you to put it almost anywhere in your home. We have one on a shelf in our kitchen and the other on one of our built-in shelves in the family room. It’s small enough to fit without having to rearrange the other items that were already there and attractive enough that we don’t mind having it out all the time.

Since the Sound Spot is wireless we can bring it anywhere around the house. We’ve brought this to the bedroom, finished basement, garage, and will bring it outside when the weather is a bit warmer. We love our new Sound Spot and I think you will, too.

Buy It

You can buy the Soundfreaq Sound Spot bluetooth speakers from your favorite retailer. Sold at Target,, Best Buy and more.

Where do you like to listen to music the most?


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  1. Very cool! I like that it comes in different colors so you can match it to the room. And wireless is always convenient.

  2. LOVE this! I’ve been struggling with how to conveniently port my music around the house with me. Sure, I play it on my phone, but I can’t use headphones because I need to hear my monsters. This sounds like the perfect little thing.

  3. It’s beautiful! I love that it fits in perfectly with your decor. I need to check this out for holiday gifting 🙂

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