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After Six Years, It’s Time to Say Goodbye

by Regan

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Exciting things are happening in our lives and even to this blog. Things are going to be changing, but not too drastically. The changes will be for the better, at least we think so.

You see . . .

Six years ago, on a quest for a new adventure and hopefully a lower cost of living, we packed up our kids, our home, and left everything and everyone we knew in our home state of Connecticut.

After some sightseeing and almost a week on the road, we pulled in to the North Denver suburbs on July 31, 2012.

Now, after six years almost to the day, we will be once again taking that same cross-country trek in the opposite direction. The first two or three years in Colorado were great! We did a lot of exploring, went to unbelievably gorgeous places, and had a lot of fun. But about two years ago, something in us changed. We all became incredibly homesick at the same time. It wasn’t a singular event, but a lot of little things that began to add up quickly.

So, about a month ago we put our house on the market and have since accepted an offer. If all goes according to plan, we will be closing on July 27th and leaving The Rockies behind.

After Six Years, It's Time to Say Goodbye to Colorado

After Six Years, It's Time to Say Goodbye to Colorado


The Husband and I had already been itching to go back home for a while, but after a week-long trip back to New England last summer, we realized just how much we missed home and decided to make it happen. He started looking for jobs, but it has been a long and frustrating process. He is excellent at what he does and has been in consideration for many positions only to be turned down for a local candidate. It has been a soul-crushing experience.

Colorado has seen a massive population influx in recent years. To the point that even we have noticed a drastic increase in just the time we’ve been here ourselves. Thankfully, we have been able to benefit from the Colorado boom. We have made a lot of money on our house thanks to steadily rising real estate prices, so we are using the proceeds as a supplement, and going back before The Husband has landed a job.

I know it’s a gutsy move, but we are beyond ready and the biotech job market is exploding in Southern New England. We know that we will be fine and he will get a job once he is also a local candidate. (I hope! Ha!)

After Six Years, It's Time to Say Goodbye to Colorado

After Six Years, It's Time to Say Goodbye to ColoradoAfter Six Years, It's Time to Say Goodbye to Colorado

With the population explosion here in Colorado, one would think it’s an excellent place to live and would wonder why in the world we would want to leave. In some ways, it is. There is a lot of incredible natural beauty here, and depending on where you are, there are cool people who want to change the world. For a lot of people, Colorado is a fabulous place to live. But the bottom line for us is: it’s not home.

After six years, it still doesn’t feel like home here, and we’ve come to realize that it probably never will. We are New Englanders. The salt water, the woods, the food, the way of life. It’s who we are, and there is no way to duplicate a New England lifestyle in The Rockies.

It’s not you, Colorado. It’s us. We’re just too different. No hard feelings, okay?


Some may wonder how or if this move is going to change the blog and, aside from right now, I would have to say that it will likely change very little. With getting the house ready to put on the market, showings, signing contracts, etc. it has currently taken a lot of time away from the blog. That will change once we get settled and I can devote more time to writing, but right now, my real life is pretty hectic.

The only other way the blog will change is that, of course, I won’t be covering Colorado anymore. Not that Colorado was a primary focus of the blog, but I did enjoy sharing some of the beautiful places here with you. But now I will be showing you all of the beautiful things in New England instead, though not too much since I am going to be starting a New England only blog very soon. I’m so excited about that! I have been planning it for over a year now, and I can’t wait to get started.

So, with that, auf wiedersehen, Colorado and hello again, New England!

I can’t wait to get back home and see what new adventures await.

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