Vegan Snacks Don’t Have to Be Boring – Vegan Cuts Snack Box Review

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Vegan Cuts snack box #review

While I am not vegan I am always looking for healthy snacks for myself and my kids. Let’s face it, you can’t get much healthier than vegan snacks. But do they taste good? That’s the important question.

What is a Vegan Cuts snack box?

Vegan Cuts is a monthly subscription service where you get 7-10 healthy vegan snacks delivered to your door. Most items are also gluten-free so if you have a child with celiac disease this might be a great option for you to discover new snacks for them try. Shipping is free in the US and you can cancel any time you want.

What’s in the box?

My December box included a bunch of goodies. Five bean chili, Beanitos black bean chips, Goody Good Stuff gummies, Cocomels caramels, Pure Organic fruit bar, antioxidants, sunflower spread, and four packets of tea.

Vegan Cuts snack box #review

Immediately after opening the box  I gave K-Dub the Pure Organic fruit sandwich which is really more like a fruit roll up but in a bar form. He loved it and all I could hear while he was eating it was “Mmm, mmm, nummy”.

Vegan Cuts snack box #review

Since it was lunch time I decided to try the chili and I must admit, I didn’t hold out a lot of hope for it. I am not typically a fan of canned soups, chilis, and other foods. However, I was pleasantly surprised! It was quite tasty for canned chili and it had a bit of a kick to it that I didn’t expect. It was chunky with lots of beans and had a great “meaty” texture.

Vegan Cuts snack box #review

When Red, my fourteen-year-old came home from school we tried the Goody Good Stuff gummies and he said, “These are better than the non-natural ones! We need to get more of these!” They were really good! I find the texture of commercial gummy candies to be a little creepy and weird. but these were much softer and tasted like fruit juice instead of gelatinous sugar. They had a citrusy sweet grapefruit taste to them which is one of my favorites. 

Vegan Cuts snack box #review

I have seen the Beanitos on my grocery store shelf and have been intrigued by them but didn’t want to commit to a large bag so I was excited to see them in the box. They really were good! They had the crunch of a chip and a slight salty flavor. Another good thing is that a small bag is just the right size so it would be harder for me to gorge on them. I ate these while catching up on my DVR shows so sorry folks, no pictures to share. 

Finally, the Cocomels. They are caramels made with coconut milk. These are light and have a light coconut flavor and oh my, they are delicious! I am going to be looking for these to have on hand as well. 

Vegan Cuts snack box #review

I haven’t yet made the tea because I’m not really a tea drinker and am trying to think of a unique way to use it. I may make an iced tea with agave or something. There was a packet of chocolate mints included that I wasn’t in love with but the rest of the box was great. I was very happy with this box and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to try something a little healthier and unique. 

Buy It

You can subscribe to Vegan Cuts for $19.95 per month. Remember, you can cancel any time! You can also send a box as a gift.



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  1. This sounds incredible! And $20 is a fantastic price,too. I am definitely signing up. Thanks for sharing this so I can be introduced to such a great deal. I’m vegan, too, so, trust me, $20 for some cool vegan things every month is astonishing. I’m so excited now!

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