We Are Officially Weaned

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It’s the end of an era. K-Dub has finally gotten off the sauce and it’s been a much easier transition than I expected. He is going to be two in a little over a month (!) and I was going to give him until then.

He has been night weaned for about three months but up until about a month and a half ago he was still nursing before naps, bedtime and early in the morning. I decided to start slowly and remove the nap time session. He was upset for two days and then handled it very well. I planned on waiting about 2-3 weeks before cutting back on the bedtime feeding when one night, instead of coming to my lap, he went for his cup of water. I played it by ear and put him in the crib with just the water. Not a peep! The Husband and I were shocked and encouraged. Every night since then he has been perfectly content to go to bed with just a cup of water. With that came the omission of the early morning feeding because he suddenly started sleeping until 8-8:30 instead of getting up between 5-6. He has had two early morning feedings in the past month and that’s it! The last one was about a week ago so I think we are now officially done nursing.

I know that this should be a bittersweet moment but I was ready. This now opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Now maybe The Husband and I can actually go on a date and not have to be home by 8:00!


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