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Where to Find Great Free Fonts

by Regan

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Where to find great free fonts I love fonts. One may say that I have a small obsession with them and I find myself being like a Project Runway designer when I get new fonts. Edit, edit, edit. Don’t over-design. 

One of the most important things about growing your blog readership is to not only have an attractive site, but to make your posts sharable. Pinterest is huge these days and is the second biggest source of traffic to my blog, and not just by a little bit. It brings twice as much traffic to my blog as every other source combined besides Google. That’s huge and part of making posts pinnable is to create a graphic that tells people what your post is about and to make it attractive. Fonts are a huge part of that.

But where do people get all of their cool fonts? Below you will find the sites I go to most often to find fonts. Careful, it can be addictive.

1001 Free Fonts

Action Fonts

Cool Text (dingbats)


Dingbat Depot 

Font Garden

Simply the Best

Urban Fonts (dingbats)

Now that you have a bunch of great new fonts, how do you install them? Most will come in a zip file so you will unzip the file and drag the font file (and only the font file) to the font folder in your control panel. Now you’re ready to make some amazing looking graphics.

Image courtesy of Nicolas Raymond


Sharing is caring!

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