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The books we love. Why I Love Psychological Thrillers - #TheMarriagePact by Michelle Richmond (AD)

The Marriage Pact by Michelle Richmond | Book Review

by Regan
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With all of the genres available, I am always a little surprised when people say that reading is boring. Coming from someone who has always been a reader, I can’t help but wonder if they just haven’t found the right genre yet. For me, the genre that always holds my attention is the psychological thriller. Sure, I like other genres as well, but the thriller is where it’s at. 

Psychological thrillers are true page turners for me. I devour them while their unpredictable nature has me sitting on the edge of my seat wanting more. They also almost always have a surprise ending. I love nothing more than getting to the last few pages and thinking, “Whoa! Did that really just happen?!”

Maybe it’s human nature. Some of us just want to be a little freaked out. After all, why do so many of us like ghost stories and horror movies? There is something thrilling about reading books that make me a feel a little uncomfortable. In some strange way, it makes real life seem less stressful. 

The books we love. Why I Love Psychological Thrillers - #TheMarriagePact by Michelle Richmond (AD)

In recent years there have been more are more thrillers being written by women, for women. They have always been around, but in the past few years with authors like Gillian Flynn and Paula Hawkins, they have dramatically increased in popularity. Do you know anyone who hasn’t at least heard of Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train? Probably not.

While these books aren’t what I would call chick lit, they are definitely marketed toward women. The main character is almost always a woman who is either the villain or the heroine and regardless of which role she plays, she is a strong and independent character instead of a damsel in distress. This is especially appealing to women like me.

A new book is now waiting to join the ranks of psychological thrillers for women. That book is The Marriage Pact by Michelle Richmond and I have already been sucked in. It is the perfect summer thriller for the beach or sitting out on the deck with a cocktail. 

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About The Marriage Pact

Newlyweds Alice and Jake look like the perfect couple on the surface. She is a singer turned lawyer and he is a partner in a psychology practice. When the couple receives a wedding gift from one of Alice’s clients, they then join a group known only as The Pact.

The goal of The Pact is supposed to be to keep marriages in tact with some simple rules that make sense: answer the phone when your spouse calls, exchange gifts, and plan trips together. But the most important rule is:

Don’t mention The Pact to anyone. 

At first, Alice and Jake enjoy their time as members of The Pact. They love socializing, glamorous parties, and making new friends. Until someone breaks the rules.

I am excited to dive in and finish The Marriage Pact and hope you will also check it out. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some reading to do . . .

The books we love. Why I Love Psychological Thrillers - #TheMarriagePact by Michelle Richmond (AD)

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