The FTC has issued a more stringent ruling regarding blog disclosure. To ensure that I am in compliance with these new rules, here is my complete disclosure on sponsorships and compensation received.

I don’t “get paid” to write this blog, as in I do not receive a steady income but my blog does take time and money to run. Because of that, this blog accepts monetary compensation for sponsored posts, paid insertions, review products, and other potential forms of compensation which goes toward paying for monthly hosting and my domain name. Even though I may receive monetary compensation or “free” products, this doesn’t influence my opinions as they aren’t for sale. My reviews and opinions are 100% my own.

Affiliate Links

Not all links to a product or service are affiliate links, but some are. An affiliate link will bring the reader to an outside site with a product or service that, if purchased through that link, will provide me with a very small percentage of that purchase in the form of a credit with that site or retailer. When there is one or more affiliate links in a post, it will be disclosed. Sometimes I link to products just because I endorse them and do not receive any kind of monetary benefit.

Sponsored Posts

This is where I have been compensated by a third-party to provide a link to an outside website within a post that is written either in the form of a review, public service, or writing about a personal experience that involved the site mentioned or one similar. I receive payment in the form of cash or gift cards for these post. However, I will not write a sponsored post that doesn’t fit with the overall feel of my blog or my personal opinions and experiences.


I do receive products from brands at no cost to me to perform a review. This product is used by me and is mine to keep. Receiving a “free” product doesn’t influence my opinion and I will always tell the positives (if any) and negatives (if any) that I find during the course of my review.

Guest Posts

If a guest post is compensated then it will be disclosed, but if I do decide to have a guest poster then it will likely not be compensated. It will be for a new perspective or on a topic that I’m not well versed in but think my readers would be interested.

In order to notify you of sponsored posts, affiliate links, or goods and/or services received you will now be notified at the top and bottom of any post that contains one or more of these items.