Easy DIY Shadow Halloween Costume for Boys

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Choosing the perfect costume is one of the highlights of many kids’ year. I think parents love it just as much, to be honest. This year, get creative with easy and super fun shadow Halloween costume.

This costume is geared toward boys, but you could easily change things up to make it perfect for a girl.

Easy Kids DIY Shadow Halloween Costume for Boys

When I was a kid I remember some of my friends had these elaborate costumes that were made out of boxes or hand sewn. Unfortunately, I can’t sew since the extent of my sewing knowledge is from a 7th grade Home Economics class.

Even though I can’t sew, I am still able to get pretty creative with my kids’ costumes which are of the semi-DIY variety. I still think they come out pretty cool. 

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Last year with some Pinterest inspiration (of course) I put together probably my favorite costume out of both of my kids. My then five-year-old son was a shadow! 

This DIY shadow costume is so easy to put together and my little man was a huge hit in the neighborhood! Best of all, you may already have some of the things needed to put it together.

Easy Kids DIY Shadow Halloween Costume for Boys

What you will need for a shadow Halloween costume

  1. Black morphsuit
  2. Black pants (or skirt for girls)
  3. Solid black shirt
  4. Solid black shoes with black soles
  5. Black treat bag
  6. Black hat. Some ideas: fedora, ball cap, top hat, slouchy beanie, or even a black wig.

What makes this costume inexpensive is that you probably have most of the clothing items you will need already. If you don’t, you can easily justify buying them since you will use them again. What kid won’t use a black shirt, black pants, or black shoes again?

We chose a button-down shirt, black jeans, and black boots, but you can use whatever black clothes you already have or that fit your child’s style.

An important note about the shoes: get shoes with black soles. If you don’t have them already, there are plenty of black shoes and sneakers with black soles at many different price points.

That’s it. Easy, right? I told you! Easy and awesome, which is the best in my book.

Easy Kids DIY Shadow Halloween Costume for Boys

For such a simple costume, it really does have a big impact. I love how it came out, especially at night.

The best part about this costume is that the ideas are endless just by your choice of clothing and accessories. It’s also perfect for a boy or a girl, kid, or adult.

You could be as simple or fancy as you wish depending on the clothes you choose. For our costume, we chose to go in an old-time gangster direction, but you could choose a ghost, a pirate, Peter Pan’s shadow, a ballerina, or anything else your imagination can dream up. 

Don’t forget to make sure your children are trick or treating on well-lit streets and/or have a flashlight since they will be very hard to see. Have a safe and happy Halloween

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