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Maybe I’m getting old or am unwilling to let go of my own childhood, but I have such a fondness for the toys that I grew up with. Many of today’s toys just don’t have the same appeal to me so we have been buying Dub a lot of the toys of our own childhoods.

We have quite the vintage Little People collection going, all of them being older than even we are! So when I heard about Tin Toy Arcade and browsed their site for a little while, finding that they carry all of the toys that I remember so fondly, I couldn’t wait to review some of their toys for my kids.

Holiday Gift Guide: Retro Toys from Tin Toy Arcade

We chose a reproduction of one my childhood favorites, the Fisher Price School Days desk, a kaleidoscope, and a cribbage game for Red.

KaleidoscopeHoliday Gift Guide: Retro Toys from Tin Toy Arcade

This kaleidoscope is a simple classic made of tin and has beads at the top that move around to create fun colors and shapes when you turn it. I think many of us have enjoyed playing with a kaleidoscope at one time in our lives; I know that I have. Dub has so much fun with his kaleidoscope that he hasn’t put it down very much since we got it. I love that it’s made of metal instead of plastic and would recommend it as a fun and inexpensive stocking stuffer for the child in your life 

Fisher Price School Days Desk

Holiday Gift Guide: Retro Toys from Tin Toy Arcade

This. I don’t think I can express how much I loved my Fisher Price School Days Desk as a kid. The original first came out before I was born, but it was so much fun to play with. This one is a little different than the original, but it is still the same concept as the one I grew up with. The top has a chalkboard for writing and drawing and the letters with cards teach kids how to spell and recognize simple words. The desktop opens for storage as well as a compartment on the top with a sliding cover to hold the letters or chalk.

Dub started Pre-K this year and has been having a blast with this desk and practicing his spelling both with the letters and the chalk. The Fisher Price School Days Desk is a fabulous gift idea for the preschooler on your gift list. 

Cribbage Board & 1887 Replica Bicycle Playing Cards

Holiday Gift Guide: Retro Toys from Tin Toy Arcade

Of course, I couldn’t resist picking up a cribbage board, which is one of my favorite games, for Red. He is fifteen so he doesn’t play with toys anymore, but he has been having fun learning some more grown-up games. Cribbage was a game that I grew up with.

My family and family friends of my mother’s always played cribbage so I remember hearing the strange counting from as far back as I can remember. I also enjoyed playing it myself when I got a little older and learned so figured this would be a fun game night option for us. Red is still a little confused by the game, but he is getting better each time we try. 

At only $9.98, this is a great beginner cribbage board for an older child or teenager. To go along with the cribbage board, I chose some fun 1887 reproduction Bicycle playing cards. They have an Old West look to them which is fun for us out here in Colorado.

Tin Toy Arcade is a great site with so many fun retro toys for a unique gift idea. I know that I will be doing some more Christmas shopping with them. Their prices are great and shipping is FAST. Check them out today!

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  1. We love the vintage Little People, too. I’ve had to pick them up on Ebay and at yard sales since the ones we played with as children were all donated.

    The TinToyArcade selection is HUGE and I love that they have so many economical stocking stuffer toys. My young children would each love to have that colorful kaleidoscope!

    1. I’ve been picking up the Little People on EBay and Etsy and my mother has also been picking some up. A friend of mine in Texas scored the airport and schoolhouse for me at a great price, too. They’re so much fun!

      I started looking at the stocking stuffers and ornaments today and found so many great ones.

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