Converting Others to Cloth Diapers

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Converting Others to Cloth

Most of my friends are done having kids so I haven’t officially converted anyone to cloth yet. I have created interest with two people who have yet to have children though. Our babysitter and my husband’s sister-in-law, who is currently pregnant, so we’ll see.

How do I create interest?

1. I make sure to use my cutest diapers when others are visiting. Especially those who currently have or may eventually have babies. I did this with my husband’s sister-in-law a year ago and she gushed about how cute they were. I then took her up to see my stash because, well, I can never resist the opportunity.

2. I am always willing to answer questions about cloth. My husband’s sister-in-law did ask the usual, ” but what about the poop?” question that all cloth diapering parents get at least once. I told her how I handled it and mentioned that you’re actually supposed to remove poop from disposable diapers as well before throwing them away. (planting a little nugget without being overbearing)

3. I post a lot of fluffy pictures on my Facebook wall so those friends who aren’t nearby can see how cute they are and may want that cuteness for their babies. After all, it was the cuteness that got me interested at first.

4. When we left our children with a sitter I made sure to leave not only the cutest, but also the easiest of my diapers. After the first time our sitter sat for our kids she said she was going to use cloth when she had kids. Score!

5. When away from the house I also pack the cutest, easiest diapers in case a stranger sees me changing diapers. The cuteness of cloth is an easy lure, so even if they don’t ask me about it, maybe they will look into cloth when they get home.

What NOT to do

One thing to remember when trying to convert someone to cloth is don’t be pushy. I know it’s hard when you’re so passionate about something but you may end up getting the exact opposite result. I don’t know about you but I don’t respond well to a pushy approach. I want to tell every friend, acquaintance, and stranger I see how easy cloth is and why they should use it, but I bite my tongue. I  just hope that seeing how easy it can be will plant a seed that will start to grow.

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  1. Laid back promoting is how I got hooked. A friend of mine showed me her stash and explained how much she saved and BAM I am hooked. Thanks for the great read….Love your blog…been a follower for such a long time. You got the goods. ha!

    1. That’s what sells me, too. An in-your-face hard sell is going to turn me off and shut me down immediately.

      Thank you for your compliments, Rachel. It means a lot and is especially nice to hear at times when I have lots of ideas but have writer’s block at the same time 🙂

  2. Great post! I agree that promoting cloth diapering can be a very passive thing. I would definitely not respond well to a pushy sales pitch for cloth diapers. We never push our parenting philosophy on other people, but cloth diapering is something many people become interested in just by seeing alternatives to disposables.

  3. I love the Facebook photos on the wall one! I need to do that more often! Like your graphic too 🙂

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