Washing Cloth Diapers in Hard Water with Rockin’ Green Hard Rock

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Washing Cloth Diapers in Hard Water #rockingreen #clothdiapersI have written a Rockin’ Green review before but it was when we lived in New England and had soft to normal water. Now we live in a hard water area.

Like me, you may have heard the horror stories of washing cloth diapers in hard water. These stories are what made me panic when we moved. I admit that I turned to a commercial detergent with water softener in the formula. It has worked well but it isn’t the friendliest for the environment and if that is one of your main reasons for cloth diapering then you may want another option. 

My water is in the moderately hard range but turning toward extremely hard. When I had the chance to review Rockin’ Green’s Hard Rock formula I was excited to see if it would work with my water. 

Rockin Green Classic Rock #Review #clothdiapers

What makes washing diapers in hard water more challenging?

First, it is important to understand what makes washing cloth diapers in water different from washing them in other types of water. Most of us have hard water and the harder the water, the harder it may be to get your diapers clean. Water hardness is determined by the mineral content of your water, usually calcium and magnesium. 

The minerals in the water can cause a few issues for your laundry because the minerals react with the alkilinity of your detergent which means that it won’t work as well. It will also create a (soap) scum that builds up in your laundry. It could cause dinginess, greying, mineral build up, your clothes or diapers could feel more stiff, or in the case of cloth diapers, they may remain a little stinky. 

One place to start with finding out how hard your water is to look at a water hardness map like this one from Rockin’ Green’s website. To find out for sure it is best to get a water test strip. I had hard water at our rental house but we bought a house a mile and a half away in another town and our water is now very hard. 

Washing Cloth Diapers in Hard Water #clothdiapers

So you’ve determined that you have hard water. Now what?

To help combat this there are several things you can do. You could use a little more detergent, add some water softener, or use a detergent formulated for hard water (such as Rockin’ Green Hard Rock).

Since I am so close to having extremely hard water I replaced my usual detergent with 2 tablespoons of Hard Rock in my HE toploader and followed my usual wash routine. 

  • Short hand wash cycle on warm without detergent, no spin (if you have the option of a warm rinse on your machine then that is fine, too. My machine doesn’t have a temperature option)
  • Wash on the whites cycle – hot water, deep clean
  • (note: by choosing no spin the diapers are heavier and more water is added to the drum of your machine. I do have a bulky setting that fills the drum but this way fills the drum halfway which is plenty)
  • Extra rinse

This routine worked very well for me. My diapers came out of the dryer smelling like absolutely nothing and had fewer stains than when I have used other cloth diaper safe detergents I have tried.  The most important thing that I noticed is that my son didn’t get a rash like he has in the past so that tells me that the diapers don’t just look and smell clean, they ARE clean. 

So if you are fighting with hard water and want to use a more eco-friendly detergent but don’t want a complicated wash routine or have to spend more money on a bunch of additional products to add to your water just to get your diapers clean, give Rockin’ Green Hard Rock a try. What have you got to lose but the chemicals?

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  1. Rockin’ Green is a fantastic line of the best green cleaning products I’ve tried! I too have hard water and was so relieved to start using Rockin’ Green and see the mineral build up on my family’s clothes dissipate. It is true that testing your water is the best way to find out. My parents would be just fine with Classic Rock because they have a great water softener. But me? Hard hard hard San Antonio water. The other thing I love about Rockin’ Green is the fun scents it comes in. It makes me smile every time I open my bag of Smashing Watermelons to add soap to the washing machine. The Lavender Mint Revival makes me wish they made body spray! I’m so happy to have a green cleaning product that works better than any other laundry detergent I’ve ever used. Have you tried the dishwasher soap? It’s just as fantastic on dishes as the laundry soap is on clothes. It has a great lemon scent, too! Yay for Rockin’ Green!

    1. Smashing Watermelons and Lavender Mint Revival are my two favorites, too! I have not tried their dishwasher detergent because I’ve been too nervous to switch from what we’re currently using. We get such nasty hard water build up on our dishes. Yuck!

  2. um, what did we do this for? people are going to use this and might end up with the wrong stuff. for example, my in laws are about 3 miles from me and they have really soft water, but at my house? really hard water. in the same 3 mile space in northern minnesota. so this chart doesnt really help or do anything useful because theres no real way to know unless you test. 😉

    1. Yes, testing is really the only way to know. When we lived in CT I never tested but had the signs of soft to normal water. When we moved to CO I saw that I would have hard water and the signs showed that to be true. I tested and had hard to very hard water and very hard to extremely hard water about a mile away. So yes, do not use these maps for anything more than a guide 🙂

  3. I really want to try this product! I’m having major hard water issues with my diapers, and I’m frustrated, so I’m hoping this will help!

  4. I have moderately hard water and when I had a front loader is was particularly difficult to get the diapers clean. Now that I have an older washer they get clean but the hard water means I have to use more soap and more soap means more rinses. I’m just glad water is included in our rent!

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