21 Creative Babywearing Halloween Costumes

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It’s October and time to start thinking about what you’re going to be for Halloween. Do you have a little one who is still being worn in a carrier? Make your carrier part of your costume with these creative and adorable babywearing Halloween costumes.

Babywearing Halloween Costumes

These are some of the cutest, most creative costumes we’ve ever seen. It almost makes us wish that we still had a little squish to wear on Halloween.

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Our Favorite Babywearing Costumes

There you have it! Our favorite babywearing Halloween costumes on the internet. We hope you’ve gotten some inspiration for you and your little bundle’s costume or at least an overdose of cuteness.

The hard part will be trying to figure out which babywearing costume you will choose because, really, there isn’t a wrong choice here.

Babywearing safety

As you will notice, some of these costumes incorporate a baby in an outward-facing baby carrier. If you plan on wearing your baby in an outward position, please consider using a carrier with a wider seat if you don’t already have one.

Until fairly recently, many carriers made for facing outward were non-ergonomic baby carriers. Due to their narrow seat, they aren’t considered to be the best option for wearing your baby.

This is because they don’t provide much hip support and instead allow your baby’s legs to dangle at an uncomfortable angle. Not only that, but they’re also not very comfortable for the wearer, especially with babies over a few months old.

Now there is a way that you can safely and comfortably wear your baby facing out.

There are so many choices when it comes to ergonomic baby carriers that provide proper hip placement, and now, some of them are made to allow for outward-facing babywearing.

Instead of a Baby Bjorn or Infantino style carrier, try giving your baby more support with a quality wrap carrier or ergonomic baby carrier. Plus, your back will feel much better, too!

Best Soft Structured Baby Carriers

Best Baby Carriers for Outward-Facing

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  1. My husband is total geek and wanted to do the undeveloped twin thing from Total Recall (the original movie) with our son last year but not enough people would get it and it’s kinda creepy. I love the Luke and Yoda one!

  2. theres one im surprised i didnt see. my younger brother’s one teacher dressed as a flower one halloween and dressed her baby as a little bee.

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