Winter Babywearing Tips You Need to Know

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Whether you use a sling, baby backpack, or another carrier, here are some winter babywearing tips to keep you and your child safe and warm during the winter.

Wearing your baby is easy for transportation and is a great bonding experience. Babywearing can be relatively simple in the summer, with minimal fuss and a few extra layers for mother and baby. Babywearing in winter can be more of a challenge. 

Babywearing in winter

Here are some ways to stay safe, dry, and warm in the winter and still take your baby or toddler along for a ride in the carrier.

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New parents searching for baby and child carriers have a myriad of choices. There are soft structured carriers like Ergo and Tula, wraps, slings, baby backpacks, and so much more. 

Wear Appropriate Cold Weather Clothing While Babywearing

One of the benefits of winter babywearing is that your body and your child’s body keep each other warm. If it is cold, little hands can snuggle into your chest or the space between your back and your child. 

Often children will want to reach out and touch things when they are in the carrier, and little hands can get cold very quickly. Be sure to remember your mittens and mittens for your baby, too!

There are several things to consider when deciding what to dress your baby in while in a carrier in the winter. 

When a child is sitting in a baby carrier, their pants tend to ride up a little, leading to a gap between their shoes and pants. While you can pull the pants down, you’ll also want to cover her legs with wool longies, knee-high socks, warm baby leggings, baby leg warmers, or perhaps even rain pants.

A winter weather baby carrier cover, a babywearing hoodie, or babywearing winter coat are some fantastic products you can consider to keep you and your baby warm while babywearing 

If wearing your child in a carrier is one of your main transportation methods, this will help you do it in ultimate comfort. A babywearing coat extender has extra space for your child and zips him up snug to your front or your back as you wear him in a carrier underneath. These jackets are appropriate for use with soft structured carriers.

What should baby wear in carrier in winter

Rain Gear. How to protect baby from the rain in a carrier

Winter babywearing isn’t all about snow. Rain in the cold months can be pretty brutal and you want to make sure that you and your baby stay dry. There are a lot of fantastic products on the market that are easy to use while keeping your infant or toddler dry while babywearing. 

Toddlers love to move in and out of baby carriers, especially in rainy weather. It’s fun to splash in puddles and run around, then head into the baby carrier for a break. 

Be prepared for when your child wants to get out of the carrier and equip yourself and your child with rain boots and a raincoat. You will want to make sure that the jacket material is not overly stiff, or it will bunch when your child goes into the carrier. 

Infants also benefit from quality rain gear while babywearing. A rain suit with a hood or a broad-brimmed rain hat will protect your baby’s head and keep her warm and dry. You could invest in a waterproof baby carrier cover to keep your baby carrier and baby dry. 

Get a Large Umbrella to Cover Your Baby Backpack

When you’re wearing your child in the cold rain or snow, especially if they are on your back, you will want to have an umbrella that is big enough to keep both you and your baby dry. 

A small umbrella’s drip line will often land right on your baby’s head so you may want to consider investing in a large golf umbrella to keep both of you dry.

Bring a Change of Shoes For Times When Your Child Wants To Explore

On wet and snowy days, bring a change of shoes for your child or cloth for your hands, perhaps tucked into a pocket on your carrier. It can be challenging to wrestle muddy little feet into a backpack or a sling without getting everyone dirty, including the carrier. 

Stonz booties or soft and warm wool slippers fit nicely into a bag, and they are water-resistant, too!

How to protect baby from rain in carrier


As You Babywear, Stay Safe With Good Footwear

When you are carrying your child, you are the vehicle. You don’t want to fall with a child on your chest or back. Keep yourself upright and safe on snow and ice by investing in good quality snow boots

If you don’t have the space or the money for snow boots, consider buying YakTrax to slip over your shoes and help you grip on snow and ice.

Babywearing in the wintertime can pose a challenge, but getting out and enjoying a nice walk with your baby even in the winter is great for both exercise and bonding. It is a wonderful time to snuggle with your child, keep them warm, and talk about the things around you. 

Besides, winter babywearing isn’t so bad. At least you aren’t trying to push a stroller through the snow and ice!

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